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It could have either the automatic or manual transmissions

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Q: Is a 2001 mustang automatic or manual?
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Is a mustang a manual or automatic transmission?

Both automatic and manual transmissions are offered on most of the Ford Mustang models

What type of fluid do you use in a 2001 mustang manual transmission?

According to the 2001 Ford Mustang Owner Guide , the 5 speed manual transmission that is used with the 3.8 liter V6 engine takes ( Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid )

What kind of transmission does the 2001 Ford Mustang have?

The 2001 Ford Mustang has a 5-speed manual.

How do you remove manual transmission in swap for a automatic on a mustang?

call me maybe 01123

How do you change headlamp bulb on 2001 mustang?

look in your manual

What transmission is in a Mustang?

The Mustang GT (2011 model) has a 6-speed manual transmission standard and a 6-speed automatic transmission optional. The 2010 Mustang GT had a 5-speed manual transmission standard and a 5-speed automatic transmission optional.

What type of transmission is on a 06 Ford Mustang gt?

Manual: TR3650 Automatic: 5R55S

What kind of transmission fluid do you use in an automatic 1995 ford mustang?

look in the manual

What is the transmission on a 1987 Mustang?

The 1987 Ford Mustang came with a T-5 five-speed manual or optional automatic transmission.

Does a Ford Mustang manual transmission have a torque converter?

No , just the automatic transmission has a torque converter

How do you change a 1992 ford mustang gt from an automatic transmission to manual?

You are going to have to get a new car

What transmission is in a 2000 mustang gt?

The 2000 Ford Mustang GT came with a five-speed manual or an optional four-speed automatic

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