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Is a 250GB hard drive adequate for a home computer?

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No matter what the size of hard drive you have, you will eventually have to replace it. I built a computer in September 06. It had a 250 GB hard drive. I am probably the average computer user; I use mine for homework, a little bit of gaming, Surfing the web, some DVD editing, and msn. My hard drive is about half full by now (June 07). I recently just added another 250 GB hard drive to use when my first one is full. You can add it on to your computer, so it might be fine to just start with a 250 or 320 GB hard drive and add another one in a year or so.

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What is the biggest hard drive for the 360?


Should you get a 250gb Xbox or a 4gb Xbox with Kinect?

250gb if you can afford it, if you buy a 4gb you will need to buy a hard drive, A 4gb Xbox with a hard drive will probably cost more than a 250gb

How much will a 250gb hard drive hold?


How big is the hard drive on the super elite Xbox?


Whats the size difference between the xbox 250gb hard drive and the 4gb hard drive?

246 GB

How long will it take to format a 250gb hard drive?

15 seconds

What is the biggest amount of memory on a hard drive for the xbox 360?


How much storage does an average computer have?

January 1, 2012- The average consumer computer came with 500Gb to 2TB. The biggest hard drive available to consumers was 4TB.N/A 2011- Average computer came with 500Gb- 1TB. The biggest hard drive available was a 4TB (first 4TB hard drive invented in 2011).Dec 15, 2010- The average consumer computer came with 250GB to 500GB hard drives. The biggest hard drive available to consumers was a 3TB hard drive.

Do the new xbox's have a hard drive?

Well it depends the 250gb model has a hard drive while the 4gb model (arcade) doesn't I would recommend the 250gb because if you like cod modern warfare 2 it takes 6gb to save so you should get the 250gb model

How big of a hard drive does your high school student need on her laptop?


If you were going to buy a new computer what kind of CPU would you buy and why and what size hard drive would you want?

I would want to buy something that has a CPU of 3.0 GHz or more and about a 250GB or more hard drive. You can find such computer systems at

What is the biggest hard drive you can get for Xbox slim?

The biggest size is 320GB hard drive for the older models. 250gb on the xbox 360 s.

Can you put your 250GB hard drive into a xbox arcade?

Yup of you buy the first gen. Hard drive not for the new slim that wont work

What does the computer hard drive do?

What does the computer hard drive do?

How many GB does a c drive hold?

Depending how how large your hard drive is - computers these days have from 250GB to 2TB

What is a good amount of memory for a laptop hard drive?

A recommended amount is around 250GB but a laptops hard drive could go up to 1TB

What is the biggest hard drive for the xbox 360?

Right now (as of 10/29/2010) it is a 250GB.

What is hard drive on a computer?

The hard drive is the amount of memory that your computer has.

How much memory is in 250 GB?

250GB is your hard drive size, not your memory size. Computer memory is measured in RAM, and usually runs between 2 and 8 GB on average. To gain some sort of perspective, 250GB should hold about 50,000 songs.

Is a genome like a computer hard drive or a computer screen?

hard drive on the computer, it does the programming

What is the difference between 120gb and 250gb playstation 3?

The hard drive size (and the price) is the only difference.

Why won't my Xbox 360 rip from CD -?

If you want to rip CDs you need a 250gb hard drive

Can you change the 4GB HD on the XBox360 S model to a 250GB?

Yup just change the hard drive

The hard drive in the computer is usually?

The first hard drive in the computer is usually designated is Drive C:.

What the difference between the ps3 120gb and the 250gb?

The size of the hard drive is the only difference. That is the reason it is $50 more.