Is a C a good grade?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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No. C is supposed to be average

C is bad, u don't go to college w/ average C, just saying

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No. It is very bad.

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Q: Is a C a good grade?
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What does itouch grade c mean?

like a school grade.. a... really good, b... okay, c... not so good.

Is getting a C grade in both English and Maths good?

two C are not bad they c are good you coke a=100 and lower until you get to 93 if you get an f is 69 and ;lower its a an last grade of a good grade which is an average

What grade is a C?

Half Good/Half Bad. Ok. Not great. Grade C is equivalent to the average grade in the countryThe top grade is A*then B,C,D,E ... until U which is a failhowever anything above a F is a pass which is acceptable

What is a 75 in a letter grade?

A 75 on the percentage scale is considered a C grade. This grade is neither good nor bad, it's average. On the GPA scale it is a 2.0.

What is 2.108 on a 4.00 GPA grade scale?

A "C". Not particularly good.

Does an A make up for a C- on a report card?

A - very goodB - goodC - averageD - badF - failing, unacceptable

Is a C- a passing grade?

The C grade is a passing grade.

Is it good if you got a c for math?

C is not all that good, since it is a lower grade than either A or B, but C may be good enough, depending upon your academic plans. If you hope to work in a mathematical, scientific, or technical field, you should aspire to a better grade than C in math. But if mathematics is incidental to your main academic interests, then a C is good enough.

Is 75 a good or bad grade as a whole comulative average GPA?

A 75 is neither a good or a bad grade as a whole cumulative average GPA. A 75 would be an average grade. In a A, B, C, D, and F grading system, a 75 would be a C.

What if your GPA is 1.73 in the tenth grade is that good?

A 1.73 would usually be a C-

What letter grade is a 2.47 GPA?

It would be a C grade (very close though to a C+). A grade of C+ starts at 2.5

What is a good grade?

A good grade in my opinion is at least a B- because a B usually stands for 'Above average'. A C may be a pass, but it is considered as 'average', or 'ok'. However, some other people consider C as a good standard, so it really is up to you and your parents.