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Yes. In Excel, a spreadsheet is called a worksheet.

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Q: Is a Excel work sheet the same as a spread sheet?
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Other than on the Microsoft site where can one find Excel templates?

Skabelon Design, Free Spread Sheet, Spread Sheet Store and Crystal Graphics all offer Excel templates that work with windows. Free Excel Templates also offers them in a wide selection of categories.

Difference between work sheet and spread sheet?

Both names are used interchangeably to refer to the same thing.

How many rows in spread sheet work?

there is 250 rows in a spread sheet

What does worsheet mean?

a page in Excel or a sheet that you work on

What is the purpose of rows in an Excel sheet?

It's for work to be presentable,neat and clear.

What can you do on a spread sheet?

Difficult mathematical equations as the software can work it out for you

What allow users to enter calculate manipulate and analyze data in excel?

work sheet

What is features of MS Excel?

There are many feature like as you create own database in sheet, you excel work mathematics function, create own directory.

Why would you use a Spread sheet?

Difficult mathematical equations as the software can work it out for you

What is worksheet?

called group or the number of sheets in ms excel is called work sheet . note:(it is also called work book)

What bars do you use to move through a work sheet without changing the active cell in Excel?

scroll bars

Purpose of the Name Box in an Excel sheet?

a. It show the content of the active cell. b. It shows the cell address of the active cell. c. It shows the formulae inside the active cell. d. It shows the name of the excel work sheet.

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