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No. Strictly speaking, Glocks are "safe-action" which is a Glock proprietary term. Glocks are neither double action nor single action. They have attributes of both types.

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Q: Is a Glock pistol a double action pistol?
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Double action Glock 40 model 35?

No such thing. The Glock is not a double action firearm.

What is a glock 19?

A Glock 19 is a pistol. The Glock 19 is their compact, 9mm, 15 round, pistol.

Is the glock 17 gen 4 only double action or can it come in the double action single action version too?

The Glocks are striker fired pistols, not DA... there is no SA option, because the design of a striker fired pistol doesn't use a hammer, and it cannot facilitate such an action.

Can you shoot a 357 bullet in a glock and lever action rifle?

No. The Glock is an auto pistol. With the exception of the .357 Sig, auto pistols do not shoot .357 cartridges.

Does the glock 17 gen 4 only come in double action or can it come in the double action single action version too?

It only comes as a striker fired pistol - the design cannot accommodate a SA-type action (and the existing action isn't DA, to that end, as the striker fired mechanic is much different from a hammer fired mechanism).

Is there an fully automatic Glock pistol?

Yes, the Glock 18 is fully automatic.

In a song what does glock mean?

'Glock' usually refers to a 9mm pistol manufactured by Austrian arms company, Glock.

Is Glock a single action pistol?

Glock describes their action design as "safe-action," and it has characteristics of both single- and double-action designs. Like a single-action, chambering a round sets the striker (firing pin) mechanism, but like a double-action that striker is pulled back farther by pulling the trigger. The idea behind the design was to have a shorter and lighter trigger pull than a DA gun, but not to have a fully cocked striker ready to fall like a SA gun, without requiring a manual safety like SA guns.

Glock 45 is what kind of weapon?

A Glock 45 is a semi-automatic pistol. Glock pistols are a very popular type of pistol. In particular many law enforcement agencies in the US use them.

What ammo does a glock 38 use?

Caliber is .45 GAP (Glock auto pistol)

Is Glock a good pistol?

Depends on your definition of good. The glock is a very powerful and reliable weapon, and is also a household name. In fact, when people hear the word pistol, they will either think of Colt or Glock.

Does a glock pistol have safety on it?

One is on the trigger