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Both. As a predator the Baboon will eat insects, hares, birds small vervet monkeys and small antelopes although they are mostly herbivores. Its enemies are man, lions and hyenas

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What is predator and prey relationships?

Predator < Prey

What are predator and prey relationships?

Example: Lion = Predator Gazelle = Prey The predator seeks after the prey.

Describe the relationship between predator and prey?

Predator is the hunter and prey is its food, predator eats the prey.

What is meant by 'predator-prey cycle'?

the predator-prey cycle is the increase and decrease in population size of the predator and its prey

Is dog a prey or a predator?

its a prey sometimes or a predator

Are sea dragons prey or predator?

They are prey and predator.

Is a reptile predator or prey?

Reptiles can be predator or prey.

What is a predator and its prey?

lion (predator] . zebra (prey] For the ocean ; theres a conger eel (predator] and a wrasse (prey] ( ;

What are 3 predators and or prey in the desert?

hawk (predator) mouse (prey) hawk (predator) lizard (prey) scorpion (predator) insects (prey)

What is the opposite of predator?

I believe it is "prey"The opposite of predator is prey.

What is the relationship between a predator and prey?

a predator eats a prey.

What is the relationship between a predator and its prey?

predator eats its prey

Is an shrew prey or predator?

What is the answer of this question is shrew a predator or a prey

Are chimpanzees prey or predator?

chimpanzees can be both the prey and the predator

Is a dog a predator or prey?

A dog is both a predator and prey. To cats, a dog can be a predator. To a lion, a dog may be prey.

What is the relationship between predator and prey populations?

There always has to be more prey than predator. If there is less prey, it will get eaten by the predator and then the predator will starve. If there are not enough predators, the prey may overpopulize.

What are some predator prey relationships on the rainforest?

Predator: boa constrictor Prey: Lizards, Opossums, Porcupine, Tanagers Predator: Short-Tailed Fruit Bat Prey: Insects Predator: Ocelot Prey: Agouti Predator: Frogs Prey: Flies

Example of predator-prey?

A lion (predator) kills and eats a zebra (prey).

What are the prey and what are the predators in the predator prey relationship?

the prey is that of which is hunted, the predator is the one who does the hunting

Is the puma a prey or a predator?

The puma is a predator and the apex predator of the food chain so is a prey to nothing.

Define predator prey?

A Predator Prey is what pedators eat. For example: a snake eats a little rat (the snake is the PREDATOR and the rat is the predator or snakes PREY)

How are the terms predator and prey related?

A prey is what a predator hunts down to kill and eat. A prey's predator is what eats it. For example: A gazelle is the prey of a leopard (predator).

What are the distinctions between the predator and the prey?

The predator is the organism that feeds on the prey whereas the prey is the organism that is fed on by the predator. like the predator of a fishfor example is the bear. The prey for the bear is the fish... so the predator is the enemy of an other animal and the prey is an animals dinner :)

Is a dolphin a predator or prey?

A dolphin is a predator and preydolphins are both

What is a prey and predator?

a predator is a meat catching animal, and its prey is what is caught.

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