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Is a blood sugar level of 117 high?”

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Q: Is a blood sugar level of 117 high?
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Is blood pressure 199 over 117 ok?

No,definitely not.

Is 139 over 97 bad blood pressure?

156/76 is not a normal blood pressure. According to my medical book, it is considered to be high blood pressure if you have a systolic number greater than 140 and a diastolic number greater than 90. This is a good time to look into ways to lower your blood pressure.

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I have never been diagnosed with diabetes..My fasting blood sugar was 117 and hemoglobin aic was 6.1. What does this mean?

A normal fasting blood sugar is between 60-120 so although yours is on the high side it's still within normal range. AIC is a test that measures on average how your blood sugars have been over the last 120 days, it's done by testing your red blood cells (red blood cells have a lifespan of 120 days). 6 is the desired number therefore 6.1 is just over that so you're still in a normal range. Overall your test results would suggest you don't have diabetes. However diabetes is truly an epidemic in our society. if you do have risk factors especially being overweight, eating a diet with lots of excess sugar or fast food the best thing you can do is exercise, get within a normal healthy weight range, and eat better.

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