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Q: Is a bubble man made or natural?
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Is fur natural or man made?

It is natural but there are man-made imitations.

Is canvas natural or man-made?

It can be made from natural or man made fibres.

Is the great plain man made or natural feature?

natural feature

Is concrete natural or man made?

Is limestone natural or man made

Ia bubble rap man made or natrel?


What do topographic map symbols represent?

Man-made and Natural Resources

Is copper man made or natural?

it is all natural

Is rubber man made?

Rubber is man-made but has natural agents.

Is bromine natural or man man made?


Are most natural calamities man made?

No "NATURAL" calamities are man made.

Is concrete slab man-made or natural?

Is limestone natural or man made

Is ceramics natural or man made?

Ceramic is man-made from a natural material.