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no it not and the pitbull is.

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Q: Is a bulldog endangered
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what is a miniature bulldog?

A miniature English bulldog is a mix between a bulldog and a pug!

What type of bulldog is Jack the Bulldog of georgetown university?

Jack is an English Bulldog.

Where do bulldogs originate?

The French Bulldog came from the Molossians, which were a tribe in Ancient Greece. They are related to the British Bulldog and American Bulldog.

Is a bulldog a reptile?

No, a bulldog is a dog (canine). A bulldog is a mammal - a member of the DOG family.

What has the author Michael Dickerson written?

Michael Dickerson has written: 'Bulldog' -- subject(s): Bulldog 'Bulldog'

What would win in a race a bulldog or a dalmatian?


what is the biggest bulldog?

Hermes bulldog,,,over 150lbs

What will make a bulldog die?

If your trying to kill a bulldog than you are just sad no offence but I would guess that chocolate would kill a bulldog and if your not trying to kill a bulldog sorry.

Is an American bulldog cuter than an english bulldog?


When was Bulldog Mansion created?

Bulldog Mansion was created in 1999.

When was Bulldog Rat created?

Bulldog Rat was created in 1888.

When was Bulldog Edition created?

Bulldog Edition was created in 1936.