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This all depends on which branch of the military you are talking about.

In the Army, Air Force, & Marines the term "Captain" is typically interchangeable with the term "Commander." A Captain typically commands a company-sized element. Of course, there are also Battalion, Brigade, and Division Commanders as well who are much higher in rank than Captain.

Army/A.F./Marines Navy

Rank/Grade: Rank/Grade:

2LT/O1 = 2nd Lieutenant ENS/O1 = Ensign

1LT/O2 = 1st Lieutenant LTJG/O2 = Lieutenant Junior Grade

CPT/O3 = Captain LT/O3 = Lieutenant

MAJ/O4 = Major LCDR/O4 = Lieutenant Commander

LTC/O5 = Lieutenant Colonel CDR/O5 = Commander

COL/O6 = Colonel CAPT/O6 = Captain

In the Navy a Captain outranks a Commander as described above.

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Q: Is a captain a higher rank than commander?
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