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Carbon is an insulator.

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Q: Is a carbon rod conductor or insulator?
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Is a carbon rod a conductor or insulator?

As regards electrical conduction, if the carbon rod is graphite, it's a conductor. If the carbon rod is diamond, it's an insulator. We have to specify the allotrope of carbon used to make the rod to discover whether it's an insulator or conductor.

Is a carbon rod an insulator?

A carbon rod may be an insulator or a conductor. It depends on which allotrope of carbon we're talking about. Electricity can travel through a graphite (carbon) rod easily, but it cannot travel through a diamond rod. Both graphite and diamond are carbon, but the former is a conductor while the latter is an insulator.

Is carbon conductor or insulator?

is carbon a conductor or insulator

Is carbon a conductor or an insulator?

Carbon is a conductor.

Is a lightning rod an electric conductor or an insulator?


Is carbon a good insulator or semiconductor?

carboon is a insulator,bt isomers of carbon graphite is a conductor.

Is carbon an insulator in electrical?

No, it's a conductor.

Is a steel rod a condutor or insulator?

it would be a conductor, as most metal conducts electricity.

Is glass rod a conductor or insulator?

An insulator. Glass cannot conduct or pass electrical current.

What are the differences of paper clip and carbon rod?

paper clip is a metal which is ductile, malleable, luster, conductor, hard, opaque, and denser than other elements. carbon rod is a nonmetal which is brittle, insulator, and dull.

Where does the excess charge on a copper rod flow to if you don't use an insulator?

If you connect the rod with a conductor, part of the charge will flow to the conductor.

Examples of insulator and conductor?

Insulator- glass, wood, plastic conductor- all metals, carbon, water containing minerals

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