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Is a commander higher rank than captain?

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A Navy or Coast Guard Captain outranks a Navy or Coast Guard Commander... however, a Navy Commander outranks and Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps Captain. Captain in those three branches is O3 - the Navy/Coast Guard equivalent is Lieutenant. In the Navy and Coast Guard, Captain is O6 - the equivalent rank in the Air Force, Army, and Marine Corps is Colonel.

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What is the difference between commander and captain?

A naval commander is lower rank than a naval captain, but higher than an army captain

Is a naval commander higher in rank than a airforce captain?

A Naval Commander is equivalent to the air force captain

Is Admiral higher or lower than Captain?

The rank of Admiral is higher than the rank of Captain.

Is commander higher than a lieutenant?

Yes.In Navy commander has higher rank than lieutenant.

Is Captain higher ranked than a Lieutenant in the Army?

Yes, Captain is a higher rank than Lieutenant.

Which is a higher rank commander or major?

A Navy Commander has a higher military rank (O-5), than an Army Major (O-4).

Which rank is higher in fire dept captain or lieutenent?

A Captain is always higher than a Lieutenant

What military rank is above captain?

In the US Army and Airforce, a Major is one rank higher than a Captain. In the US Navy a Rear Admiral lower half (1 Star) is one rank higher than a Captain.

Is a captain a higher rank than commander?

This all depends on which branch of the military you are talking about. In the Army, Air Force, & Marines the term "Captain" is typically interchangeable with the term "Commander." A Captain typically commands a company-sized element. Of course, there are also Battalion, Brigade, and Division Commanders as well who are much higher in rank than Captain. Army/A.F./Marines Navy Rank/Grade: Rank/Grade: 2LT/O1 = 2nd Lieutenant ENS/O1 = Ensign 1LT/O2 = 1st Lieutenant LTJG/O2 = Lieutenant Junior Grade CPT/O3 = Captain LT/O3 = Lieutenant MAJ/O4 = Major LCDR/O4 = Lieutenant Commander LTC/O5 = Lieutenant Colonel CDR/O5 = Commander COL/O6 = Colonel CAPT/O6 = Captain In the Navy a Captain outranks a Commander as described above.

Is a general higher than a commander?

Yes. A commander in the Navy is equivalent to Lt Colonel in the Army. The lowest rank of general is 2 ranks higher than the commander.

Is captain higher than a lieutenant in the American Civil War?

Yes. A Captain is a higher rank, universally.

Is caption a higher rank than admiral?

Admiral is a higher rank than Captain. A Captain would be promoted to Rear Admiral. Then it is Vice Admiral, Admiral and Fleet Admiral.

Is captain higher then lieutenant in police force?

In the police force and in the military, a Captain rank is higher than a Lieutenant

Is Capt higher rank than Sgt?

A Captain is higher then a Sergeant yes

Is a field marshal higher than a submarine captain?

Yes. A field marshal is a higher rank than ordinary flag officers (generals, admirals). A modern submarine captain will be a commander (CDR) 2 ranks below flag rank. During World War 2, many US submarine captains were lieutenants and lieutenant commanders.

Is a lieutenant higher in rank than a captain?

No, the officer ranking system is lieutenant, 2nd lieutenant, then captain.

Is a colonel higher in rank than a captain?

Yes..Major is just above a Captain..Then Colonel after Major.

Is Cody higher than rex?

of course Cody is a commander and rex is captain

Who has a higher rank Commander Fox or Captain Rex?

In organizations which have both ranks, Captain (US O6) is a higher rank than Commander (US O5). However, armies also use the title Captain, except it's a lower pay grade (US O3, equivalent to a naval Lieutenant). Military rank and organization in Star Wars is pretty convoluted, since in the movies the terms "Admiral" and "General" seem to refer to individuals within the same service (with Admiral being the higher of the two). This does not happen on Earth: Admiral and General are equivalent ranks (US O10) used in different branches of the service. Wow this is that same guy star wars ain't Real Life you know. Ranks are way further apart than ours Commander in star wars is higher than Captain

Who is a commander of a ship?

It is a captain. Some people spell it capton, but it's captain.Spell correctly and it will make life a little bit easier.In the US Navy, and I suspect almost all navies, 'Captain' is a specific rank of officer, but whoever is in command of a ship may be addressed as 'Captain', even though his rank may be lower. In fact, the captain of a harbor tug may not even be an officer.Additional AnswerIn the Royal Navy, a ship's commanding officer is called the 'captain', but this does not necessarily indicate his rank. On a small ship, such as a minesweeper, the captain may be a lieutenant; on a nuclear submarine, the captain is normally a commander; on an aircraft carrier, the captain will usually be a captain.On ships where the captain's rank is captain, the executive officer usually holds the rank of commander, and is referred to as 'the commander', rather than, for example, 'the XO'.

Who ranks higher major or captain in sheriffs offic?

Major. A major is a higher rank than a Captain in any system that uses these two ranks

Is a captain higher than a private?

Not only higher in rank, but also in a separate class (commissioned officer, rather than enlisted)

What comes first commander or captain?

A Commander is higher than a Captain in the Imperial Starfleet. This can be seen when a a Captain is given command of a Star Destroyer or Super Star Destroyer/ Star Dreadnought, while a Commander is assigned control of the Death Star II.

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