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A cottontail rabbit - like all rabbits - is a consumer.

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how it doesn't eat other organisms? 

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Q: Is a cottontail rabbit a decomposer or producer?
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Is a rabbit a consumer producer a decomposer?

A rabbit is a consumer.

Is a rabbit a decomposer producer or a consumer?

A rabbit is a consumer.

Is a rabbit a producer a consumer or decomposer?

A rabbit is a primary consumer. grass-----------------> rabbit-------------------. Wolf

Is a rabbit a decomposer or producer?

It is a secondary consumer

Where does the cottontail rabbit live?

where do cottontail rabbits live

What is the scientific name for the Cottontail?

The scientific name for Eastern Cottontail Rabbit is Sylvilagus Floridanus.

What is the range of a cotton tail rabbit?

Northern cottontail, Eastern cottontail, Southern cottontail, and Western cottontail.

Is a jack rabbit a producer consumer or decomposer?

Everything that was once living decomposes.

Is a cottontail and a rabbit the same?

A cottontail is a type of rabbit. Here in oregon, the wild rabbits are referred to as cottontails.

How long can a cottontail rabbit get?

A full-grown cottontail rabbit acn grow up to be 7-10 inches.

What is a Smith Island Cottontail?

The Smith Island Cottontail is a species of rabbit

What eats the cottontail rabbit?

Yes bobcats eat cottontail rabbits.