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Is a dual exhaust system better than a straight pipe exhaust on a racing lawnmower?

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Straight pipe exhaust means there is no muffler on the exhaust system. They can be purchased at racing stores and autoparts shops for forty to fifty dollars.

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== == Get a better Engine, Put Bigger Pulley on Engine and Smaller on Back (Trans), Buy a Better Faster Engine. Actually, removing the govenor is the cheapest way, if you eliminate the governor and blueprint the stock engine, you will have a substancial rpm gain. But the higher the rpm in a stock motor the less HP that is made.

This link should be able to help you:

According to this link: moweracer (on the forum) invested $1500 in his.

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Yamaha R1 exhausts are frequently carried in stores that carry racing parts for motorcycles. Popular online retailers who sell this exhaust system are Two Brothers Racing, eBay, and Revzilla.

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Mercury Racing sells powerboat parts, including sterndrives, outboards, propellers, drives, and accessories such as noise reducers, controls, and engine or exhaust tubing.

Merrillvile, Indiana by Rush Racing Products a sub company of Exhaust Productions INC

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Reviews on Clio exhaust systems can be found from websites such as CarID and K-Tec Racing. These websites offered detailed reviews from users and professionals.

Universal exhaust online dealers include J&P Cycles, Summit Racing, and Autoplicity. For discounted prices AutoPartsWarehouse and ExhaustWareHouse are good choices.

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It depends on the application. Posi is good for straight track racing, or good traction while off-roading, but wears out tires fast on curves and turns.

In racing, racing seats limit your head, torso, and legs movements in the cockpit, so if you crash your body wont be flung from left to right. racing seats are also constructed to allow racing harnesses to be fit in, providing even better restaint than a regular seat belt. An advantage is that racing seats fit real snug to the body, giving you better control of the car.

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explain your qwestion a little more

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