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It's a symptom. A sign would be a positive pregnancy test..

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Q: Is a dull cramp-like lower back pain a sign of pregnancy?
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Is back pain normal in early pregnancy?

Some women do experience a lower dull sort of pain in their lower back in early pregnancy. It is pretty common!

Is a warm sensation in lower back and dull lower backache a normal symptom in early pregnancy?

Hi, Yes this is a normal symptom.

Dull aching lower back pain back pain?

Consult a chiropractor.

Can lower abdominal and back pain be a sign of labor in pregnancy?

It is for me! With both of mine I had no "front" contractions only back ones. It started as a low dull backache and quickly turned into feeling like something was trying to break out from back there.

What are the symptoms of an inevitable miscarriage?

If the cervix is open, miscarriage is inevitable and nothing can preserve the pregnancy. Symptoms of an inevitable miscarriage may include dull relentless or sharp intermittent pain in the lower abdomen or back.

What are symptoms of dysmenorrhea?

Symptoms include a dull, throbbing cramping in the lower abdomen that may radiate to the lower back and thighs.

Can unusual dull lower back pain that feels like its in your kidneys be an early sign of pregnancy?

Yes, it can be. Many women experience period like cramping (also in their backs) around the time that their period is due. Take a pregnancy test (the earliest ones you can take are 5-7 days before an expected period) to get your answer though, as lower back pain can also be caused by other things.

You are just over 5 weeks pregnant you have been having dull backache and abdominal pain on your left side Been to ER and to see your NP and both say nothing is wrong you are still worried?

When you are pregnant and your uterus starts to expand it can cause some cramplike discomfort, both in your abdomen and your lower back. I spent the entire first trimester of both of my pregnancies with menstrual-like cramps, and everything was fine. Usually unless the pain is severe or there is bleeding there is nothing to worry about. As always, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor if you are concerned. Good luck with your pregnancy!

Can dull pelvic pain be an early pregnancy symptom?

Bad pain should be checked out but cramping can be a sign of pregnancy.

Are dull backache lower abdomen pain and a bit sore nipple all period signs?

Yes,also could be signs of pregnancy , or ovulation . All depending on when your cycle starts

What is the cause of a dull pain at the middle lower back of your head?

There is no way for us to answer that question accurately. If it continues, you should probably see a physician.

What might be the symptoms of an ovarian cyst?

There are several symptoms of an ovarian cyst. A few of the symptoms are dull ache in lower back, bloating, and weight gain.

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