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Yes, 2 cm different!

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What is bigger a eagle or a penguin?

An eagle

What eagle is bigger than a bald eagle?


Is a chicken bigger than a eagle?

No a chicken is definitely not bigger then a eagle. If you want to know if a chicken is bigger than a eagle your silly because eagles prey on chicken if they have they have the chance. So remember eagles are bigger than chickens.

Is a hawk is bigger than an eagle?


Is a hawk bigger than an eagle?

no.... an eagle is bigger than a hawk..... go online to see pics of eagles and can tell the difference.

Is eagle bigger than turkey?


Is the king penguin bigger than the emperor penguin?

no, because the emperor penguin is the largest penguin. x0Hikari0x

What is higher than an eagle but cooler than a penguin?

a lion :) so awesome

Who would win eagle or condor?

a condor can because it is bigger than an eagle and can attack it

What bird is bigger than the eagle?

Andean Condor

Is the harpy eagle bigger than the bald eagle?

yes the harpy eagle is the largest eagle. bald eagles are slightly smaller.

Which is bigger the harpy eagle or the extinct Haast's Eagle?

the haast eagle it had a wingspan of more than 3 metres

Are owls bigger than eagles?

No the eagle is bigger,unless an owl is a falcon, IMPOSSIBLE!

Is an alligator nest bigger than a bald eagle nest?

way bigger!... i think

Is a one year old bald eagle bigger than an adult bald eagle?

no that's a no brainer adult eagles are bigger than humans and a baby is so small

Where is the eagle belt in Club Penguin?

Sorry, there is no eagle belt in Club Penguin.

What structure is The wing of a penguin and the wing of an eagle?

how is the structure of a penguin similar to that of an eagle

Is a golden eagle bigger than a bald eagle?

The bald eagle averages slightly bigger. Golden eagles are 6-15 lbs. Bald eagles are 9-17 pounds.

What is the biggest bird that can fly bigger than the eagle?

An albatross

Who is bigger an ostrich or a penguin?

An ostrich is much larger than even the largest species of penguin.

Is an eagle bigger than an ostrich?

No eagle is bigger than an ostrich. The largest female harpy eagles weigh 22 pounds at most, while ostriches weigh up to 350 pounds.

Largest bald eagle?

No, the bald eagle is not the largest. Its the Phillippine Eagle, then Steller's Sea Eagle, then Bald Eagle, then White Tailed Eagle Golden Eagle You forgot the harpy eagle! its definitly bigger than the golden eagle

Is a bald eagle bigger than a golden eagle?

The bald eagle is bigger. Large females weigh up to 17 lbs. Large female golden eagles weigh up to 15 lbs.

What is bigger a golden eagle or a seagull?

A Golden Eagle is bigger :p

Is a vulture larger than an eagle?

i think that eagles are bigger then vultures

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