Is a eraser a conductor

Updated: 9/25/2023
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In short, yes. The real question should be, isn't there a material that you can use that is superior to the conductivity of an eraser.


Most chaklboard erasers are felt, which is NOT a conductor. When dry, a fairly good insulator.

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Q: Is a eraser a conductor
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Is a eraser a insulator or a conductor?


Is the eraser a conductor or insulator?

A magic one is an insulator.

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Is a rubber eraser a conductor or a Insulator?

a pencil eraser is a conductor .

Is a pencil an insulator or conductor of electricity?

Note: "electricity" is not conducted, only electrical current (the flow of electrons) is. Electricity is the field that covers all things electrical. The wood in a pencil is an insulator. If it is wet, it is a poorer insulator, but only a poor conductor. The carbon (lead) in the pencil is a poor conductor. The metal holding the eraser is a good conductor. The rubber eraser is a poor conductor. You really have to address the conductivity of specific substances, not items that are build from a variety of substances.

Is a chalkboard eraser a conductor?

Chalkboard erasers are made of felt. Felt is hair. Hair does not conduct electricity. Felt has lots of air entrained between the hair fibers so, it conducts heat poorly, too.

Which object is the best conductor of electricity a wax crayon a plastic spoon a rubber eraser or an iron nail?

iron nail

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