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Paying child support will not cause the father to lose his parental rights - neither will not paying child support.

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Q: Is a father's rights terminated if he pays child support?
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Your son is owed child support Can you collect this from his fathers social security even though his rights were terminated?

Absolutely (as long as it's not SSI). Termination of rights doesn't terminate child support.

If your rights were terminated do you pay child support for the child?


If your rights are terminated do you have to pay child support?

yes, until/unless the child is adopted.

Is child support terminated if your rights are taken?

That depends on the circumstances. If the child is legally adopted then yes.

Does child support continue for father after mother gets his parental rights terminated?

Yes. And it's not the mother who gets his rights terminated, it is the court.

What rights do unwed fathers have to their child in Alabama?

Unwed fathers have several rights in the state of Alabama. The fathers can see the children, they can pay child support, and the fathers can request visitation.

Do you still pay child support if a court terminated your parental rights?

It depends on the circumstances. If parental rights are terminated to enable adoption, no. If terminated for reasons such as abuse or abandonment, yes.

Can signing over parental rights stop you from paying child support?

In general, no, child support obligation would continue unless rights are terminated in preparation for the child's adoption.

Can a father sign his rights over on his child who has never been involved in his life and get out of paying support on that child?

Child support can be terminated only if/when the child is adopted.

Can child support be terminated by the child?


In Indiana if you sign over your parental rights do you still have to pay child support?

Under Indiana law, IC 31-35-1-12 (2)(a) once parental rights are terminated, all obligations of support are terminated at that time as well. You will ONLY have your rights terminated, however, where a court determinest that it is in the best interests of the child. You will however be required to pay the child support that was ordered before the termination. It only stops after parental rights are terminated, but does not mean you do not owe the back support.

What is an 18 year old fathers rights to his newborn child?

His rights are to pay child support and petition for visitation.

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