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No, a fertility test tells you if you are capable of conception or when your best time to conceive is. A pregnancy test tells if the pregnancy hormone is present in your urine.

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Q: Is a fertility test the same as a pregnancy test?
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Can a fertility test detect the pregnancy hormone hCG?

No. Fertility tests are made to detect FSH not hCG. You will need to buy an actual home pregnancy test or see your Dr.

Pregnancy test in vitro?

Your pregnancy test with IVF (in vitro fertilization) will be the same as a regular pregnancy test and if you did conceive, you will see a positive pregnancy test!

Symptoms of pregnancy while on Mirena?

Same as when not on Mirena, get a pregnancy test & find out

What are the risk of fertility pills?

main risk of fertility pills is multiple pregnancy. twins, triplets, qudruplets...... that may complecate pregnancy, otherwise fertility pills are safe.

Can a negative for a pregnancy test change being positive?

Yes it can if you have tested too early. Here is a link for information on how pregnancy tests work:

If you have an IUD in and have your period at the same time can you still be pregnant?

The main signs of pregnancy are missing period and positive pregnancy test. Take a pregnancy test if you're worried.

Test for pregnancy when you have no period I am on the depo shot not sure when I last had the shot last so when can I test for pregnancy when I have not had a period in a year?

You can take a pregnancy test at anytime if you think you might be pregnant. Even though it is common to take up to a year for a woman's fertility to return after having been on Depo-Provera, you are no longer protected from pregnancy 3 months after your last injection.

Is hCG in prenatal vitamins?

No. hCG is not in prenatal vitamins and will not effect a pregnancy test. hCG is only in prescription medicines that are prescribed to assist in fertility.

Is an early pregnancy test the same to just a pregnancy test?

It all depends on how much of the pregnancy hormone (HcG) the pregnancy test can detect. Some detect as low as 10 mg of the hormone, and some take up to 100 mg.

Can you use the same pregnancy test twice?

no they are one time only

If you have a phantom pregnancy will the pregnancy test be positive?

Yes. In a phantom pregnancy, the body is tricked into feeling like it is pregnant. Consequently the same hormones present in a real pregnancy will be present in the body of someone who is undergoing a phantom pregnancy, and these hormones are what a pregnancy test detects.

A doctors pregnancy test vs home pregnancy test?

A doctor's pregnancy test is much more accurate, where as a home pregnancy test can be faulty.

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