Is a fetus alive

Updated: 11/7/2022
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Physically the heart is pumping and the tissue is alive but emotionally and mentally, no.

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Q: Is a fetus alive
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Do fetus's know they are alive?

No they are not.

Is it possible that the fetus with no heartbeat will be alive again in the womb?


What two features show a fetus is alive inside its mother?

the heart i beating and is kicking

Why at seven month of gestation fetus birth is alive and at eight month fetus is dead in humans?

Wouldn't know unless there was more detail. There are many circumstances that can cause a miscarriage or a birth ending in stillbirth prematurely.

What is the meaning of no heart beat at 6 week?

Sometimes the baby turns and causes you not to be able to hear the heartbeat.

What is the possessive form of fetus?

The possessive form of fetus is fetus' or fetus's

What is a nonviable particle?

Nonviable means that something is not alive nor can it be made to be alive. You sometimes hear that a fetus is too young to be alive if it is born. They are called nonviable fetuses. A particle usually means a piece of something small or a part of something small.

Under what conditions is the use of a pelvic ultrasound routine?

The size of the fetus, to detect multiple or ectopic pregnancy, to confirm the fetus is alive, to confirm the due date, reveal defects in fetus, to check the placenta, position of the fetus, growth of the fetus.

Do you bury a 28 week old fetus?

At 28 weeks gestation a fetus is considered viable, meaning with medical intervention if born alive at this time it has a good chance of survival. Therefore if any child is born still at 28 weeks gestation, they deserve to be buried and mourned.

What is the name of an unborn cow?

Fetal calf, fetus, fetus calf, or cow fetus.

What causes the female fetus to develo differently from the male fetus?

A female fetus with an a y chromosome is what makes it develop differently from a male fetus.

What is an entopic pregnancy?

An ectopic pregnancy is when the egg does not finish traveling down the fallopian tubes before joining with the sperm and creating the fetus. It will get stuck in the tubes and the baby starts to grow there, instead of continuing down the rest of the fallopian tubes. These types of pregnancies have to be terminated, because its impossible to move the fetus and keep it undamaged (aka alive), and if the fetus continues to grow in the tubes, it will kill the Mother and the baby.