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Yes it is a finite resource, fossil fuels will eventually run out if they continue to be used. Take oil, for example: oil comes from compressed plants and animals sandwiched in between impervious rock layers, and takes great heat and pressure to form. The world is consuming huge volumes of it, as if there is no tomorrow, yet we have already passed "Peak Oil" and no big new oil-fields have been found. Existing oil fields will become totally exhausted and the world will regress back to the 19th century (no cars, aeroplanes, plastics etc). Take coal: coal comes from compressed plants and animals in pervious rock layers. Unlike oil, coal will not run out worldwide, but its use will be reduced because of concerns about pollution, greenhouse gases, carbon sequestration, and the environment. Take uranium: although technically uranium itself is not a "fossil fuel" because it is not created from fossils, it is yet another buried fuel that is not being formed now. (Indeed, because of radioactive decay into other elements there is actually an ever-decreasing amount of uranium in the world.) For the making nuclear of fuel, only isotopes of Uranium can be used [I think it is the isotope U235 being converted into U238, but correct me if I am wrong], and uranium enrichment plants and nuclear power plants are constructed using equipment and processes only made possible with high-energy-use construction using oil or coal for their power source (for example, factories, foundries for steel and aluminium, computers). What this means is that although Uranium is not itself a primary fossil fuel, it is a secondary or even tertiary fossil fuel because it is dependent on coal and oil to create the products and processes to enable it to be used at all. Uranium is useless without fossil fuels.

It is not just fossil fuel that is finite: all fuel is finite. Indeed, the Laws Entropy (that everything is deteriorating and slowing down to Zero Point Energy) prove that , not just fossil fuel, not just every resource, but every single thing is finite and will end.

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Why are scientists and industry looking for other sources of energy that are NOT from fossil fuel?

because fossil fuel is a finite resource.

Why is fossil fuel considered a finite resource?

A finite resource is something that can only be consumed once without possibility of being recycled for re-use. Because fossil fuels are burned, they cannot be reused and are therefore a finite resource.

What is a nonrenewable resource that is not a fossil fuel?

Nuclear energy derived from uranium in a nonrenewable resource, but not a fossil fuel

Is granite a fossil fuel?

no granite is not a fossil fuel it is a nonrenewable resource.

Is fossil fuel a resource?

Yes, fossil fuel is a (non-renewable and polluting) source of energy.

Why not to use fossil fuel oil?

Finite supply/non renewable

What are examples of a nonrenewable resource?

fossil fuel

What kind of resource is fossil fuel?


What resource cannot be renewed?

fossil fuel

What resource is natual gas?

a fossil fuel

What resource are a fossil fuel?

An exhaustible one.

How does a fossil fuel resource become classified as a reserve?

When an amount of the fossil fuel is found under ground

Why are fossil fuels 'finite' and 'non-renewable'?

Fossil fuels are a specific type of fuel that is made up of prehistoric animals and plants. This type of fuel is considered finite and non-renewable because they take millions of years to create.

Why fossil fuels are regarded as infinite resource?

Fossil fuels are not regarded as an infinite resource. They are finite. Oil wells get used up and run dry. In the very long term, it is possible that new deposits of fossil fuel will be created by the same process that created the existing deposits, however, that takes millions of years, which means that for our purposes, fossil fuels will run out.

Too much fuel?

Leads to poor performance and finite resource waste.

What is a fossil fuel and is it renewable or not?

Fossil fuel is a nonrenewable resource that takes many years to create. An example is: Gas

What is all nonrenewable resources?

A non-renewable resource, also referred to as a finite resource, is a type of resource that cannot regenerate itself quick enough for human consumption. All the non-renewable resources fall into two categories, fossil fuels and radioactive fuel.

Why are fossil fuel supplies finite while renewables are not?

It's the other way round

How much fossil fuel did we use to destroy the ozone layer?

Fossil fuel is a exhaustive resource. It also harms the ozone.

Which resource is a fossil fuel?

Coal (apex)

Geothermal energy is considered a... fossil fuel renewable resource nonrenewable resource or a recyclable resource?

it is a renewable resource

What is an example sentence using the word fossil fuel?

Fossil fuel is a resource that pollutes air.

Is hydroelectric a fossil fuel?

No, hydroelectricity is a Alternative energy resource.

Which of these energy sources originates from a nonrenewable resource?

fossil fuel

Is natural gas an energy resource?

Yes, it is a fossil fuel

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