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Is a frog a chordate?

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Frogs have notochords that allow for muscle attachment and support. They also have a backbone. All amphibians are classified as a chordate.

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Is the poison arrow frog a chordate?


Why is a frog and a lizard grouped in phylum chordate?

Because - as is the requirement for inclusion in the Chordate croup - they both posess a spinal chord.

Why are frogs classified as chordates?

all organism those have vertebrae or noto chord comes under chordate and so frog

Is octopus chordate or non chordate?

The octopus is not a member of phylum Chordata, so it is not a chordate.

What trait identifies a chordate?

chordate phylum

Which characteristics define a chordate?

the oresence of a notochord defines whether an organism is a chordate....

What kind of organisms belong to the chordate?

Any organism with a spine is in the chordate group.

What is the differenece between a vertebrate chordate and an invertebrate chordate?

I do not know to be honest, sorry.

Is a earthworm a chordate?

No, an earthworm is not a chordate because it has a nerve cord that does not run down the back.

What is a chordate?

A Chordate is a animal with a notochord. They do not need to have spines- they just need to have a spinal cord. Fish, Reptiles, Mammals, Birds, and Amphibians are all members of the Chordate phylum. There are also invertabrates closley related to these members of the Chordate phylum that are Chordates.

Is ant chordate or non-chordate?

Ants and all other insects are non-chordates. Insects belong to the subphylum arthropoda. Animals that are vertebrates are considered to be chordates.

What is the characteristics of the frog as a chordate?

Frogs have notochords, which allow for muscle attachment and support. They also have a dorsal, hollow nerve tail that leads to a distinct brain, a postanal tail, and pharyngeal gills.

Is a jellyfish a chordate?


What are the eight levels of classification for the red eyed tree frog?

Kingdom- Animal Phylum- Chordate Class- Amphibian I'm still not sure what the rest is if you find out then message the thing onto this website

Is a lamprey a chordate?

Yes, lampreys are chordates. They are the earliest living form of a chordate. They are in the order of jawless fish.

Is minnow a Chordate or non Chordate?

The minnows, certain small saltwater and freshwater fish, are chordates as they are fish.

What is the difference between an invertebrate and a chordate?

None. I believe a chordate IS an invertabrea but don't know much more.

Is an ant a chordate or mollusk?

Animal kingdom is classified to chordate and nonchordate all insects including ants are

Is a zebra a chordate?


What is the oldest chordate?


What phylum is a toucan?


What is the chordate for a wolf?


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Is a sea urchin a chordate?