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Is a gas stove dangerous when pilot light is removed?

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== == Yes!

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Is it normal for the pilot light on a gas stove to frequently go out for no apparent reason?

The pilot light of a stove can go out for various reasons, but for it to go out frequently can be hazardous due to gas buildup. One of the most common reasons is draftiness, and another is a damaged pilot light supply line.?æ

What kind of flame is the pilot light of a gas stove?

a complete flame or a blue flame

Can you light a gas stove with electric pilot when the power is off?

You can but it just has to be done manually..

Can you use cook with a gas stove in power failure?

Yes you can. If your stove has an electronic starter for the burners, MAKE SURE that you light then using a match or a long bbq grill lighter. When you turn on your burners if you hear a tick, tick, tick sound before they light then you have electric starters and you will need to light then manually. If you don't then you will needlessly put gas vapors into the room which is dangerous. If your stove has a permanently lit pilot light then you are good to go.

What is an electric gas stove?

Newer gas stoves have an electric spark to light the burners instead of a standing pilot light.

Purpose of flash tubes on gas cooker?

On a gas stove or oven the flash tubes are the means of connecting the pilot light. The flash tubes carry the flame from the pilot light to the individual burners.

Describ the correct way to light a stove?

gas and propane stoves have pilot lights, these must be lit by depressing a pilot control knob, the stoves will then light when the control knobs are turned to open/ on position

Where can you find a gas stove with pilot lights?

The majority of gas stoves are lit with a pilot light. It is not considered a very green thing but won't be vanishing anytime soon. you can find a gas stive with a pilot light at Home Depot, Lowe's, or your local appliance store.

How does a pilotless stove light?

How does a pilotless stove light

Why is there white ash around the pilot light on my propane cook stove?

i have the same question and theres some type of burnt smell too..

What is the flame that continuously stays lit in the older model gas stove?

The constant flame in older gas stoves is called a pilot light.

Can a stove pipe be used as a fireplace flue?

No. It is the wrong material, far too light in construction. This would be very dangerous to attempt.

Is it dangerous if you left the gas stove on without a flame?

It is like...super duper dangerous to leave the gas on when there is no flame. yes because they heat could still light something on fire

How do you light an O'Keefe and Merritt stove?

You should be able to turn the knob and it should light. If it doesn't and it's very old, and you can hear gas flowing, you need to light it with a match when you turn the knob. If it's newer, then the pilot is probably out. You can light it by pushing the red safety button (usually in the left side storage compartment if it's a one-oven stove or under the top of the stove if two ovens) and putting a match to the pilot at the back top of the broiler for the oven and under the middle of the griddle for the burners. You may have to hold the button in for several seconds before it will stay lit.

How do you light a pilot light?

100% of the time the instructions are located close to the device, if not the users manual will help. You should follow the particular steps for your gas fireplace, grill, hot water heater, furnace, or stove. There are differences.

What is the standard mounting height for an electric stove outlet?

it should be at floor level. That way the drawer can be removed to plug in the stove.

Does stove give out light when it is turned on?


Is a yellow flame on your propane stove dangerous?

No, but you may be wasting gas.

Realizing that touching the hot stove is dangerous and painful is what reasoning?


What is a green flame on a Gas stove one burner does not come on automatically when you light it manually there is a brief green flame What is this?

if you have a refrigeration leak and freon is in the room it will be fiseine gas and is dangerous.

What is the difference between a wood stove and a pellet stove?

Wood stove when used gets hot and stays hot for a very long time, making it dangerous to have around children, whereas a pellet stove don't get too hot to touch.

Realizing that touching the hot stove is dangerous and painful is reasoning?


How do you light gas electric stove?

A stove is either Gas OR Electric. Please rephrase the question. Thanks

Do electric water heaters have pilot lights?

No, electric water heaters do not need a pilot light. The heating element is heated by an electric current (similar to the 'eye' on an electric stove or the heaters in a toaster). When the circuit is completed, electric current flows through the element, and it gets hot, and when the electricity is turned off, the element starts cooling. In a gas water heater, the pilot light is a flame, which is always burning. When it's time to heat up the water, the main gas valve is opened, and the pilot light ignites the gas, so that the main burner heats up.

Your gas oven quit working but the stove top stil works?

Check pilot or starter. You have gas, but no ignition.