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no, its quite a bit smaller

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Q: Is a girl's youth size 6 in shoes the same as a woman's size 6?
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Are women's and youth's shoes made the same way?

Yes The Female Shoes are made the same way , but there are different size and some of the quality differs

Why do girls take their shoes of?

same reason guys do

Did girls in Hitler Youth allowed to take the same course as the boys?

No, girls in the Hitler Youth were not allowed to take the same courses as the boys. They were given separate and specific training that focused on homemaking, motherhood, and preparing for their roles as future wives and mothers. The education for girls in the Hitler Youth emphasized traditional gender roles and domestic skills.

How can measure a girls bra size?

well ,if you dont have any then you cant measure anything. but if you do,it is the same as measuring a womans

Are women shoes wider than girls shoes?

yes, me and my mom have the same shoe size (6) but her shoes are wider.

What type of shoes did the Romans wear?

many types of leather shoes and boots were worn, from haevy to light sandles and slippers. woman wore like the same kind as men but womans were softer and finer leather.

Is boys youth size 5 in shoes the same as adult 5?

nope unless you want to fall

Hitler Youth Did girls belong to this group?

No, there was a separate branch for girls, the Bund Deutcsher Madel, the "League of German Maidens". It was a branch of the same organization.

What is a youth size five in women's shoes?

Usually a youth size 3

Are youth girls and boys shoe size the same size?

Boy shoe sizes are usually longer than girls, though there are exceptions.

What is the equivalent to a womens size 7 shoe?

A youth's size 5 is the same as women's size 7

What is a womans urine hole called?

Same as for man - urethra.