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Yes, a grandchild is a descendant of a grandparent, even the law is smart enough to recognize that.

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Q: Is a grandchild considered a descendant of their grandparent?
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Is a great grandchild considered a descendant of their great grandparent?


If grandparents were married before a grandchild is born does the child become step grandchild or grandchild of the grandparent with no children?

Biologically, the grandchild is a step-grandchild to the grandparent that had no children. In matters of the heart, however, the grandchild is whatever the grandparent feels it is.

Who is considered 3 generations in a family?

Examples of three generations in a family include parent, child, and grandchild; or great grandparent, grandparent, and parent.

What are the responsibilities of a grandparent?

Unless the grandparent is the legal guardian of the grandchild, or if the mother is still a juvenile, the grandparents have absolutely no responsibility to the grandchild.

Can a grandparent get joint custody when a grandchild has a legal guardian?

It is possible that a grandparent can get joint custody when a grandchild has a legal guardian. It will ultimately be up to the judge over the case.

Is a grandparent considered an immediate family member?

For most situations a grandchild is immediate family. It may be more limited for hospital visitation.

Can a grandchild be administrator to their legal gaurdian grandparent estate?


What if your great grandmother married her first cousin does that make you both a grandparent and cousin to your grandchild?

Yes, in that case your grandchild would also be your fourth cousin twice removed. But that relationship is rather minor compared to the grandparent/grandchild relationship. It can readilly be ignored.

Would your son's stepchild be considered your grandchild by UK law?

If your son has legally adopted the child, you would be considered the grandparent. If there has been no legal adoption, you have no familial claim to the child.

Could a grandparent that is an American apply to get grandchild a green card?


How is your grandaughter related to your sisters great grandchild?

Your child and your sister's child share a common grandparent and are first cousins. Your grandchild and your sister's grandchild share a common great grandparent and are second cousins. There is a generation out of synch, so they would be second cousins once removed.

What are descendents?

Descendants are relatives of a person that down from one generation to the next. Parent to child to grandchild to great-grandchild. As you can see, the direction is a descending one. This is best illustrated using the standard family tree depiction of a person's relatives. A person's children and grandchildren and so on are shown one below the other in a descending direction. The opposite of a descendant is an ascendant. This is a person's parent, grandparent, great-grandparent and on in an ascending order.

Can a grandparent foster parent a grandchild?

Yes, and they frequently do should the parents die.

Can a Grandparent get custody or guardianship of grandchild?

Yes, a grandparent, or another relative, can apply for guardianship if the parents' rights have been terminated or with the consent of the parents.

Is a great uncle immediate family?

No, immediate family are a husband and wife and their children. sometimes a grandparent or grandchild may be considered immediate family if living in the same house.

Can a grandparent kick out a live in grandchild?

If they are an adult, or turn a minor over to family services.

How much money can a grandparent give a grandchild?

As much as they want while ignoring the parents.

What compound word for grand?

grandchild granddaughter grandfather grandmother grandparent grandson grandstand

Can a grandparent take a grandchild out of state with mother permission on vacation?

yes but must be with parent supervision

Is daughter's daughter is lineal descendant?

Yes, they are a lineal descendant. You share a common ancestor in a direct line. You are her grandparent.

Is your great great cousin your second cousin once removed?

Standard English has no relationship called "great cousin" or "great great cousin."Your second cousin once removed is either:the great grandchild of a sibling of your grandparent, orthe grandchild of a sibling of your great grandparent.

What realtion to me is my great-grandfather's brothers great-grandchild?

You would be third cousins. You share a common Great Great Grandparent.

If a grandparent wants to purchase a car in the grandparents name for their grandchild and the grandchild will be driving and paying payments is this ok?

Sure. No different then doing it for your kids. But, be aware, YOU could be liable if the Grandchild gets sued in an accident as YOU are the legal owner.

What are first second and third cousins?

Your first cousin is the child of your aunt and uncle. (You have the same grandparent as your first cousin). Your second cousin is the grandchild of your great aunt and great uncle. (You have the same great grandparent as your second cousin.) Your third cousins is the great grandchild of your great great aunt or great great uncle. (You have the same great great grandparent.)

What is a fourteenth cousin?

Your 14th cousin is the 13 great grandchild of a brother or sister of your 13 great grandparent.