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You can plead guilty but it is up to the judge/jury to convict you. Just because you plead guilty does not mean you are convicted. A guilty plea quite simply means the person is admitting to the crime that was committed. Therefore, there is no trial, no jury the judge will impose sentence based upon the circumstances of the case in question and the person's prior criminal history (if any). Interestingly, in certain states (such as Florida) a plea of nolo contendere by most licensed healthcare professionals to a "crime related to the practice ... or the ability to practice" their profession constitutes a conviction for purposes of licensure discipline in an administrative proceeding by the regulatory board. See Chapter 456, Florida Statutes.

2008-01-24 00:49:27
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Does a guilty plea with a jail sentence the same as a conviction?


Is a guilty plea of CDV the same as a Conviction of CDV?

yup, your guily plea gives way to convict

Is a plea of nolo contendere the same as a not guilty plea?

No, it is a guilty plea

Is a plea bargain the same as a conviction?

No. A conviction follows a judicial proceedinghaving found someone guilty of a crime. A plea bargain is a negotiated agreement between the criminal defendant who agrees to plead guilty and the prosecutor who makes concessions regarding the charges or/and the sentence.

Is a plea the same as a conviction?

No, they are not synonymous. A 'plea' is what THE DEFENDANT OFFERS to the court. A CONVICTION is the 'finding' of the court after considering all evidence and testimony.

Can a person plead nolo contendere in theft by taking and is it a felony?

Yes you can but you need to be aware that it has the same legal effect as a guilty plea. If you plead no contest you will have a conviction on your record. It would be the same as if had plead guilty or been convicted after a trial.

Are the plea of guilty and plea bargaining the same?

They are both a part of the same process. The defendant (or his attorney) offers something to the prosecutor in exchange for the prosecutors acceptance of a plea of guilty to a lesser offense, or a guaranteed shorter sentence.

After pleading no contest can you change your plea to guilty?

pleading no contest is the same as pleading guilty

Is adjudicated guilty the same as a conviction?


Is a plea of youthful offender the same as a admission of guilt?

In my experience juvenile offenders were offered the pleas of "Involved" or "Un-involved." Essentially they are the same as guilty and not guilty. They mean the same thing - but sound nicer and gentler.

Is adjudicated guilty the same as a conviction in tn?


Is a criminal record the same thing as the criminal complaint?

No, a criminal record is not the same thing as a criminal complaint. A complaint is an accusation, which may or may not result in a conviction. Only a conviction of a crime will result in a criminal record. If someone has complained about you, that does not in itself make you guilty of a crime.

Are there restrictions to using the nolo contendere plea?

No. Such a plea is simply a nicer-sounding way of pleading guilty. When utilizing the Nolo plea you are conceding that the prosecution does have sufficient evidence of your guilt.Nolo contendre is a Latin-derived term meaning "I will not contest" (i.e.: the charge against me), which is a plea made by a defendant to a criminal charge, allowing the judge to then find him/her guilty. It has the same effect as a plea of guilty.

Are convicted and sentenced the same thing?

No a conviction means that you have been found guilty or responsible for committing a crime. while sentencing relates to the punishment.

Is being convicted the same as pleading guilty?

No - you could still be convicted even if you plead not guilty. The conviction is as a result of the evidence.

If you plead nolo contendere will the charge stay off of your record?

No, it is the same as a guilty plea.. good luck

Can charges be removed from your record if you plead no contest?

No. A plea of "no contest" is just about the same thing as pleading 'guilty." It just sounds nicer. And the charges go on your criminal history record anyway.

How do most criminal cases end?

Most criminal cases end in a plea bargain negotiated by the defense and prosecution.Although these cases may end with a plea bargains and do not even reach a court, the plea always results in the conviction of the defendant of some offense, although not always the same crime as the one they were originally charged with... but a conviction nonetheless.

If you pled guilty to a misdemeanor and received summary probation does that mean you were convicted of a crime?

Yes, entering a guilty plea is the same as being convicted of the crime that the person was charged with.

Does nolo contendere stays in records for life?

Nolo contendre is a Latin term meaning "I will not contest" the charges, which is a plea made by a defendant to a criminal charge, allowing the judge to then find him/her guilty. It has the same effect as a plea of guilty. As such, it will appear and remain on your criminal history record.

Are you considered convicted of a moving violation if you pay the speeding ticket without going to court?

Yes, this has the same effect as a guilty plea.

Convicting Judge and prosecuting attorney in Michigan agree to reopen a case that you plead guilty to it was changed to not guilty case dismissed is this still a conviction?

The question raises more questions than it wants answered. Which was it? Were you found "Not Guilty" or was the case "Dismissed." If your original guilty plea was reversed - you were re-tried - and then found not guilty, then you're NOT GUILTY, and it will NOT show as a conviction. If your original guilty plea was reversed - and was THEN 'dismissed" without any retrial, that, too, is NOT a conviction. The court finding can NOT be both "not guilty" and "case dismissed." You are either confusing your terminology or have misunderstood the outcome of your case. It has to be one or the other, it cannot be both. ALSO: IF the case was dismissed, it makes a great deal of difference HOW it was dismissed. If it was Dismissed WITH Prejudice then you are home free. If it was Dismissed WITHOUT prejudice there is a possibility that you could be re-charged again for the same offense. ADDITIONAL; Regardless of the outcome, ALL of these actions will show up on your record so you had better be prepared to be asked to at least explain them even IF it resulted in no conviction record. Your best bet would be to apply for the expungment of the entire record of the case and be done with it. All-in-all your best bet would be to respond to the Clerk of the Court's office and ask them to explain to you what happened to the case in court, OR consult with an attorney for their counsel on the matter.

What happens once a plea of not guilty is recorded?

The prosecutor's office starts assembling their case and witnesses with a veiw towards presenting a solid case to prove the defendant guilty. Likewise, the defense starts doing the same thing for the presentation of the defense case. If the defendant is out on bailbond release, it will likely continue.

What does a plea of no contest mean?

By pleading "no contest" you are admitting that you believe the state has enough evidence to convict you but you will not force them to go through an entire court trial to prove it. It has the same effect as a guilty plea, but sounds "nicer."

What does disposition date mean?

A disposition date is same thing as a Hearing (plea) at court