Is a hairdryer convection or conduction?


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Hair dryers use heating element and motor-driven fan to convert electric energy into convective heat.


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conduction by itself is slower to heat but conduction and convection is faster to heat

Convection has a cycle of what happens. Conduction dosent have a cycle

a fridge is convection, because conduction is the movement of heat to another place. So a fridge is convection

By radiation from the sun, by conduction AND convection from the core.

Convection, conduction, and radiation are all methods of heat transfer.

In actual fact stir fry is both conduction & convection, this is because the food is getting hot by conduction But then it is convection as you generally put water or something in it.

Heater Is neither Conduction nor Convection... The Questions seems to be wrong... If you ask Whether the heat given by a heater is lost by conduction or Convection, then the answer is: YES! In a heater the heat is lost by all three processes namely Conduction , Convection and Radiation.

Convection is way more important than conduction in the troposphere because conduction can only travel through solid unlike convection.

it is radiation but is also convection. thanks for the time to read it

The three main ways are conduction, convection and radiation.

Because conduction and convection require particles to transfer heat. Space is a vacuum (has no particles in it) so convection and conduction cannot occur.

In both conduction and convection atoms or molecules do participate in the transfer of heat energy.

No. The speeds of convection and conduction vary, but they are nowhere near the speed of light.

Conduction is heat transfer WITHOUT matter transfer Convection is heat transfer WITH matter transfer

Conduction and convection are also different, but radiation is transferred through the air (or space).

A clothes iron uses conduction.

is a oven a radiation convection or conductin

no a fridge is convection

Conduction is the passing of heat by contact. Convection is the passing of heat by air or water. They have the similarity of passing heat.

Any of these.conduction: pan fryingconvection: boiled eggs, deep fat frying, making soupsradiation: broiling, grilling, toastingconvection & radiation: bakingradiation & internal conduction and/or internal convection: microwaveetc.

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