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Is a helicopter faster than an airplane?

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No. A helicopter is not faster than an airplane. A helicopter could fly at about 400-650 kph. But a plane could fly much faster than that.

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What can an airplane do that a helicopter can not?

Airplanes can cruise faster in forward flight.

Is a helicopter a type of airplane?

no a helicopter is not a airplane because helicopter lifts but a plane takes off and a helicopters propeller is huger than a planes

Can a helicopter fly as fast as a plane?

A fast aeroplane will be faster than any helicopter, but a fast helicopter can be faster than a slow aeroplane.

How is a helicopter different from an airplane?

A helicopter has rotor blades and an airplane does not.

Is a jet pack faster than a airplane?

No. Airplanes are faster.

How can you fly without a airplane?

a helicopter Additional answer That depends on what you mean by airplane. Some people might argue that a helicopter IS an airplane

Which one is the fastest airplane or helicopter?

Well, there are some airplanes which can be outrun by helicopters, but, for the most part, airplanes are faster.

Is a maglev train faster than an airplane?

Yes if the airplane is going slower than the train

Can a helicopter travel farther than airplane?

Most airplanes can travel further than helicopters.

Can a helicopter fly higher than a plane?

Yes,an airplane can only fly no higher than the moon,an helicopter can fly only a mile higher than the moon

Is a peregrine falcon faster than a helicopter?

No. The fastest helicopters would be faster than a peregrine falcon, but it would be faster than some slower ones.

Can I Fly faster than sound?

if youre in an airplane

Which is safer helicopter or airplane?

Helicopter is safer because it flies slowly.

Is a helicopter an airplane?

Yes, a helicopter is known as a 'rotary wing aircraft'

Does a jet fly faster than an commercial airplane?

It depends on what kind of jet or commercial airplane it is.

What do the wings of an airplane and the rotors of a helicopter have in common?

READ THIS - GOOD INFORMATION The wings of an airplane and the rotors of a helicopter both help the object fly. Without those the object could not fly because the wings of an airplane have wind going past it which keeps the airplane in the air. The rotors of a helicopter spin in the wind and help the helicopter fly.

What are the advantages for airplane?

They get there faster and safer than road transport.

Is a boat faster than a airplane?

Some very fast boats may be faster than slow aircraft. However, in general, airplanes are faster.

When would an airplane be more useful than a helicopter?

Mainly for long distance travel and fuel efficiency.

Disadvantages of helicopters?

In warfare a helicopter is like a sitting duck. The jets will just blow the crap out of 'em cause an air-to-air missle is faster, way faster than a helicopter.

Does the air above the airplane move faster than the air below the airplane?

That's true for the airplane's wings, when the airplane is flying upright.

Does the object thrown form a decending helicoper fall faster than the helicopter?

Yes, it does because the helicopter has to remain under controlled descent.

Gta 4 airplane cheat?

there is no gta4 airplane cheat that i have found yet but there is a helicopter cheat its a police helicopter its 3595550100 it will also not let you do some trophies

Can a boombox drown out a low-flying airplane or helicopter?

I have found nothing in any search to support that a boombox can drown out a low-flying airplane or helicopter.

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