Is a lynx a good pet?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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No. Wild cats are far too unpredictable to be pets. It could injure someone or worse. Lynx are even more wild than bobcats. They are no more suited to be house pets than lions, tigers and mountain lions. It takes a very special environment to raise exotics.

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Q: Is a lynx a good pet?
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Does a lynx make a good pet?

No, because they are wild animals

Would a lynx make a good pet?

no there too wild to ever trust

What would you rather have as a pet a wildcat or lynx?

Wildcat and Bobcat are used as common names for the Lynx.

How does a Lynx get its prey?

Lynx are good hunters and they act like you would do if you went hunting.

What are Arctic lynx's predators?

wolves, bears... You can look on That is a good website!!! lol!

Does Lynx work?

it works its good

Why is a lynx the mascot of the Ottawa's lynx baseball team?

Easy the Lynx is a fine speciment of Native Wild Life, they are slightly larger than a domestic cat and while adapted to the wild, have been kept as pets. I saw one in a pet shop yesterday- July l4.2008 in New Jersey. u saw 1 in the pet sop!!!!!!!!! lol

Does a Canadian lynx have good hearing?

The Canadian lynx has very good hearing they can detech by hearing alone from up to 250 feet away.

Are lynx golf clubs good quality?

used to have a lynx driver and loved it, but that was a long time ago.

What is a good closing sentence for an essay on lynx?

A logical conclusion to a discussion of an animal would discuss the animal's future, maybe in the form of "This is what you can do to protect the lynx (or the lynx's environment)..."

Can a lynx swim?

Yes they have very good paws.

How much is a link pet cost at least?

If you mean a lynx cat, they are expensive. Go to and search for Buy Lynx You'll get lots of websites. One website with lots of information is at: