Is a panther on french male or female?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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'une panthère' is a feminine noun in French - even when it's a male panther.

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Q: Is a panther on french male or female?
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What is a male puma called?

A male panther is simply called a panther. A female panther is called a she-panther and a baby panther is called a cub.

Who is stronger a male or female panther?

Panther is a generic term that applies to lions, tigers, leopards, snow leopards and jaguars, all of which belong to the Panthera genus. To which panther were you referring?

What are the difference between A male Black Panther and a female Panther?

One has external reproductive organs and the other doesn't.

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Ami for a male or amie for a female. Or copain for a male or copine for a female.

Is poisson male or female in french?

The noun, poisson, is masculine. The creature however is male or female.

What is the nationality of both male an female in french speaking countries?

In French-speaking countries, a male is referred to as "un homme" and a female is referred to as "une femme." The nationality of both a male and a female in French-speaking countries would be "français" for a man and "française" for a woman.

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Yannic is a male name (French)

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