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Neither. Pterodactyl was a pterosaur, not a dinosaur.

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Is the ornithomimus a Saurischian Or Ornithischian?

The Ornithomimus dinosaur is a Saurischian.

Is a velociraptor a saurischian or an ornithischian?

Velociraptor was a saurischian as were all theropods.

Is a trex a saurischian dinosaur or a ornithischian dinosaur?

T.Rex is a theropod and therefore a saurischian ("lizard hipped") dinosaur.

Is a deinonychus a saurischian or a a ornithischian?

It is a Saurischia, Theropoda, Deinonychuosauria, Dromaeosauridae.

Is a troodon a saurischian or a ornithischian?

Troodon is a saurischian. Saurischians include the theropoda (animals like Troodon, Tyrannosaurus, Allosaurus, Therizinosaurus and Birds) and the sauropodomorpha (animals like Plateosaurus, Diplodicus and Brachiosaurus.) Ornithischians inlcude Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus and Parasaurolophus.

Is a spinosaurus sauischian?

A saurischian is a "lizard hipped" dinosaur, and all theropods and sauropods are saurischians. Spinosaurus was a theropod, and was thus a saurischian.

What are the 2 major groups of dinosaurs?

Saurichian and Ornithischian

Can you name a Ornithischian dinosaur?

For example, Heterodontosaurus tucki.

What did the pterodactyl eat?

it ate things. Pterodactyl food

What dinosaur group did the coelophysis belong to?

Coelophysis is a theropod dinosaur; belonging in a group called Coelophysidae.There are two main groups of dinosaur, saurischian and ornithischians.Theropods are a type of saurischian dinosaur.

Is a pterodactyl a vertebrate or an invertebrate?

A pterodactyl is a reptile and thus a vertebrate.

Was the pterodactyl fastest dianasaur?

No and the Pterodactyl is not a dinosaur. It is a flying reptile.

How long did a pterodactyl live for?

an pterodactyl lived for thousands of years.

What is a pachycephalosaurid?

A pachycephalosaurid is a member of the Pachycephalosauridae, a clade of ornithischian dinosaurs.

Is a pterodactyl a vertebrate?

Yes, pterodactyl were from a branch of reptiles, and reptiles are vertebrates.

Was there ever really a pterodactyl?

Yes, pterodactyl, or pterodactylus was a real animal.

When was Ancient Order of the Pterodactyl created?

Ancient Order of the Pterodactyl was created in 1977.

Is pterosaur another name for pterodactyl?

No. Some people will generically call pterosaurs pterodactyl, but it is incorrect to do so. Pterodactyl was just one kind of pterosaur.

Is a pterodactyl a lizard or a mammal?

Neither. Pterodactyl belong to a group of reptiles separate from lizards.

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