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Is a rectangle a regular polgon?

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It can be, if its sides all have the same length.

In that case, it would also be called a 'square'.

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Is a hexagon a not regular polgon?

An hexagon is a 6 sided polygon that can be regular or irregular

Is a rectangle regular or irregular shape?

The only rectangle that is regular is a square.

Why is a square a rectangle but a rectangle not a square?

A square is a regular rectangle which is why a rectangle isn't a square.

What is the angle measure for a regular rectangle?

the measure for a regular rectangle is 69in. by fudge you and measure it yourself.

Is A Rectangle An Irregular Or Regular Quadrilateral?

its a regular quadrilateral * * * * * No it is NOT! The sides of a rectangle, in general, are not all the same length and, therefore, it is not a regular polygon.

Are any rectangles regular?

I don't think so because "rectangle" implies only properties of a rectangle, not a square. The rectangle would have to be a square to be regular.

Why is a rectangle polyhedron not regular polyhedron?

The sides of a rectangle are not all equal so a rectangle is not a regular polygon. And, as a consequence, any 3-dimensional shape made from rectangles cannot be a regular polyhedron.

Is a rectangle a regular shape?

no it isn't a regular shape

Is a rectangle a regular?

no no not tellin you

Is a rectangle a regular tesselate?

Yes a rectangle will tessellate with no gaps or overlaps

Is a rectangle a regular polygon?

The properties of a Regular Polygon are:All sides are equalAll angles are equalA rectangle only shares one of these properties, Equal Angles, so No, a Rectangle is not a regular polygon.

What is an irregular rectangle?

A "regular" polygon has all sides the same length. A "regular" rectangle has all sides the same length, therefore it is also a square. An "irregular" rectangle then would be any rectangle that is not a square.

Does a polgon always have equal sides?

there is such a thing as an irregular polygon that has sides of different sizes. all REGULAR polygons however have equal sides

When is a rectangle a regular polygon?

A regular polygon is a polygon in which all sides and angles are congruent, so a rectangle is a regular polygon when it is a square: when all sides are equal.

What is another name for an irregular rectangle?

A rectangle is irregular. The only regular rectangle is a square, so any rectangle that is NOT a square is irregular.

Is a rectangle a regular or irregular?

A rectangle is considered to be an irregular polygon. This is because, in a rectangle, the sides need not necessarily all be congruent, and regular polygons must have all sides be congruent.

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