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No. Or at least, I think not.

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Can a vertical angle an obtuse angle?

Vertical angles can be acute, right (if the intersecting lines forming them are perpendicular) or obtuse.

What is a vertical angle in math terms?

It is a right angle (a 900 angle).

At the right angle to a vertical line is called?

A line that is at right angles to a vertical line is said to be horizontal.

Is a right angle still a right angle if you turn it upside down?

Yes, the angle is still 90 degrees so it is still a right angle.

What is the vertical angle of 43?

An angle of 43 degrees cannot be a vertical angle. A vertical angle, by definition, is 90 degrees

What is the difference between vertical and horizontal angle?

A vertical angle runs up and down or from top to bottom or vise versa. A horizontal angle runs from left to right or vice versa.

What is the formula of an Vertical angle?

what is the formula for a vertical angle

What type of angle does the word TAXI have?

right,acute,vertical,and straight

What is the word perpendicular mean?

Intersects at a right angle, also vertical.

What is vertical angles?

It is a right angle, or an angle whose measure is 90 degrees or pi/2 radians.

What is the measurement of a vertical angle?

It can be almost any measure but the important thing to remember is that vertical angles are congruent, so any angle that is vertical to another has the same measurement as the angle it is vertical to.

What is the math symbol for an vertical angle?

The sign for a vertical angle is......(I don't know actually >.

Is a left angle obtuse?

nope, it's still a right angle

Why is a right angle called a right angle and not a left angle?

The term of Latin in right angle is angulus rectus; here rectus means "upright", referring to the vertical perpendicular to a horizontal base line."Right" has other meanings, apart from the opposite of "left". I suspect that the ethymology here is more like a "correct" angle.

How do you find the are of a right triangle?

Area = 1/2 b h b : base h : height The height is vertical side of the right angle; the base is the horizontal side of the right angle

Do all irregular quadrilaterals have no right angle?

No you can have one right angle and the others not right angles and still be and irregular quadralateral

What is a y angle?

a y angle is the vertical line

Define vertical angle?

A2. An angle is formed by the intersection of two straight (usually) lines. The angle is neither vertical nor inclined.

What is a counterexample for all intersecting lines form right angles?

Say angle 1 is 40 which means that if angle 3 is congruent then angle 3 is also 40 by definition of vertical angles. That would make angle 2 equal to 140 by definition of a linear pair and so angle 4 is congruent by vertical angles.

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