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Q: Is a sea bar created by erosion or deposition?
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Are sea caves erosion or deposition?

Delta is deposition beach is deposition canyon is erosion sea cave is erosion sand dune is deposition

Is a sea stack an erosion or deposition?

Are sea stacks caused erosion or deposition?

they are caused by erosion hope that helps

Were sea cliffs formed by erosion or deposition?

Through Water and Erosion At least

How is a coastal plain created?

From the weathering, erosion, and subsequent deposition of sediments from inland mountain ranges as they make their way to the sea.

Is a beach a result of erosion or deposition?

Deposition, slip off slopes for river beaches and finely ground stones being deposed by the sea :)

How can cliffs be protected from erosion by the sea?

cliffs are created by erosion

Why sea caves are turned into stacks?

sea caves are turned into stacks because of the erosion and deposition of the sea waves gives rise to coastal land forms.

What processes help maintain the salinity of the Earth's oceans?

volcanic emissions and reactions at the sea floor

What is erosion and deposition?

An example of erosion is if let's say that there was a river on top of a mountain. As time passes by, the water will rub against the rocks and it will rub against it so much that it will go through the rocks and then it will end up splitting through the mountain. An example of deposition is if let's say there is a river. As rocks and dirt fall into the water the river will carry the rocks and dirt down into an ocean or sea, and that will drop off the dirt somewhere else and so on.

What are landforms are created by wave erosion?

Four land forms would be : sea stack, sea cliff, sea arch, and sea cave.

What are four landforms created by wave erosion?

Four land forms would be : sea stack, sea cliff, sea arch, and sea cave.