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Seriously? Sea turtles (as well as all other turtles) are reptiles.

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Is a turtle a crustacean?

Yes! A turtle is a crustacean because it has a shell! Crustaceans are animals with shells!

Does the green sea turtle eat fish?

Type your answer here... when they are babs they eat jelly fish shrimp and crustacean but adults are herbavores

When is a turtle considered a crustacean?

Turtles are reptiles, not crustaceans.

Is a sea urchin a crustacean?

A sea urchin is considered a crustacean. They are related to sea stars, sea cucumbers. They eat small fish and algae.

Is a sea star a mollusk or crustacean?

Sea stars are neither mollusk nor crustacean , they are asteroid echinoderms ,

How many species of sea turtle are there?

There are 6 species of sea turtles.green sea turtlehawksbill sea turtleflatback sea turtleloggerhead sea turtleKemp's ridley sea turtleolive ridley sea turtle

Are sea slugs crustacean?

No. Sea slugs are Gastropods.

What makes sea turtle?

A Sea Turtle on a Sea turtle doing it

Why is SpongeBob as a crustacean?

First of all, a crustacean is a crab or shrimp; therefore making Mr. Krabs a crustacean. Spongebob is a sea sponge.

What is the largest sea turtle?

The largest sea turtle is the Leatherback Sea Turtle

What are all of the different sea turtles?

green sea turtles , leatherback sea turtle ,loggerhead sea turtle, hawksbill sea turtle , kemps ridly sea turtle , and the olive ridly sea turtle

What is the leatherback sea turtle related to?

The leatherback sea turtle is related to the loggerhead sea turtle

Are lobster sea urchin?

No they are considered a crustacean.

What is a kemps ridley sea turtle?

A Kemp's Ridley sea turtle is a critically endangered sea turtle.

What type of animal is a leatherback sea turtle?

The leatherback sea turtle is a sea turtle, which is classified as a reptile.

Is the loggerhead sea turtle the biggest turtle?

The leatherback is the largest sea turtle.

How many types of turtles are there?

There are nine that I know of. I know the following: -The Green sea turtle -The Loggerhead sea turtle -The Leatherback sea turtle -The Kemp's Ridle sea turtle -The Hawksbill sea turtle -The Flat Back sea turtle -The Atlantic Riddle -The Pacific Riddle se turtle -The Snapping turtles

What was the largest sea turtle?

Leatherback sea turtle

How big can the sea turtle get?

how big can the sea turtle get

This sea turtle are world's largest reptiles?

Largest sea turtle is the leatherback turtle

What do crustacean eat?

they eat small sea life.

Are sea urchins a plant?

no, they are a crustacian. an echinoderm not a crustacean.

What reptile is similar to a sea turtle?

Land Turtle because a sea turtle can breathe under water and a land turtle can not breathe under water. So similar to the sea turtle is a land turtle.

What is the class of a sea turtle?

The class of a sea turtle is reptilia.

Does a sea turtle have scales?

no scales on the skin of the sea turtle.

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