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Is a seed living?

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It can be either. A viable seed is a living organism and contains the embryonic plant. A non-viable seed is dead and this can occur through bad storage conditions or age.

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Why seed is a living thing?

The seed is a living thing because it can grow

Is an apple seed living or non-living?

A viable apple seed is alive. If you plant it, it will grow.

The seed of a plant is considered to be a?

Living thing. Since a seed is in a living thing, it is living. Most likely, that is your answer.

Is seed living or non living?

yes, it is a living organisame!!

Is a seed living thing why or why not?

Yes, a seed is technically a living thing. It needs water to live, and it grows. =)

How can you tell a seed is a living thing?

because a seed grows, rock is not a living thing because it does not grow.

Is a pumpkin seed a living thing?

A pumpkin seed is a living thing because it grows into a pumpkin because its alive!

Is seed living or non living thing?

it is living because it grows into a living thing.

Is corn living or non living?

Yes, it is a seed from a plant, which is living thing.

Is a flower seed living or non living?

A flower seed is alive. It contains an embryo plant which uses the endosperm in the seed for nourishment until it is planted and starts to grow.

Is seed a living thing?

no dood

Is a seed living or nonliving?

A seed IS a living thing as it can grow when it is watered daily and also needs to have sunlight to grow.BUT it IS NOT a living thing if it is not watered daily and/or given sunlight.

Is a seed living or non living?

Seeds are alive. They contain an embryo plant which uses the endosperm inside the seed for food until they are planted.

Can bird seed grow in humans?

No, the acid in your stomach kills the living part of the seed.

Would you say that a bean seed is a living thing?

Most of a bean is just food for the embryo, but there is a living bean embryo within the bean seed (at least, it is living until you cook it).

What contains a new living plant?

A seed does

Is an acorn living?

Yes. It's a seed.

Is a sunflower seed a living thing?


Are gymnosperms the oldest type of seed plant?

Seed ferns in Gymnosperms were the oldest seed plants but none of them is in living condition today.

Is a mango seed living or non living?

All seeds start as living - in time they can die (or flourish).

Are grapes living or nonliving?

it is living thing because of the seed inside

What enables seed to germinate?

If a seed contains a living plant embryo, then germination is usually triggered by water.

The driest living thing on earth is known as a?


Is a acorn a living thing?

Yes. It's a seed.

What did Henry's parents do for a living?

they owned a seed buisness