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Q: Is a seller concession the same as a seller contribution And do the agents lose some commission when there is a concession or a contribution?
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Is the seller concession tax deductible?

is seller concession a tax deduction for me the seller

What are real estate agents paid?

They are paid an agreed upon commission as per the listing contract between the agent and the seller. Buyers and seller are often charged administrative or processing fees to be paid to the brokerage office of their realtor. Real Estate agents are paid a percentage of the commission they collect based on whatever contract they have with the real estate brokerage that employs them.

How much money does a real estate agent make for each house they sell?

In most cases, they make a percentage of the sale price (called a commission), and that percentage varies. Usually, both the buyer and the seller have an agent, and both get a commission. If the same agent represents both buyer and seller, he gets a double commission. You should call individual real estate firms to find out how much commission they give their agents.

Can you get sellers concession on short sale?

Yes, but the amount of the concession depends on the type of short sale. An FHA Short Sale (under the HUD Pre-foreclosure Sale Program) can include up to a 1% seller concession only if the Buyer is utilizing FHA financing in the purchase. A HAFA Short Sale will allow a seller concession, but the amount depends on the proposed net proceeds to the mortgage servicer.

What is the commission of a house seller?

The seller of a home does not receive a commission. If you are referring to the real estate listing agent who assists the seller in selling the home, it can vary depending on what is negotiated. In the US 3% is fairly typical in most areas, but it is not unheard of for less of a commission to be paid.

How much commission eBay?

They are getting commissions, but they get it from the seller.

What is a principal real estate agent?

A person with a state/provincial license to represent a buyer or a seller in a real estate transaction in exchange for commission. Most agents work for a real estate broker or realtor.

Does the seller pay the real estate commission?

YES, seller pays it to the brokerage(s) at closing, out of the proceeds of the sale.

What is a typical sales commission?

Typical commission is 6% of the sale price, unless otherwise agreed to by Seller and Agent

What is 'concession' in real estate?

Seller concessions are buyer costs that the seller is willing to pay on behalf of the buyer like closing costs, points, house payments, etc. Also these could be extras they are willing to throw in for free like building the buyer a fence or providing window treatments.

What is a seller's concession?

It works like this: suppose you agree on the price of the house at, say, $200,000. You then ask the seller for a 3% seller concession. What this means is that you add 3% to the price of the house. That's right, you're now going to pay $206,000 for that house -- but the seller is going to give you that $6,000 back when the sale takes place. You're going to use that money to cover all of your closing costs. It is also a term that can be used for a selling venue at a fairgrounds, amusement park, etc. (concession stand)

If you sell your business but part of the sale involves a carry back loan by the seller for several years is the seller responsible for paying the commission for that portion to the broker?

The seller is responsible for all of the real estate commission regardless of whether the transaction involves carrybacks. Regardless of the financing, the seller is always responsible for the realtor fees.

How much does a real estate agent make a week?

Selling real estate is a commission based profession. Real estate agents get paid when they close on homes, they do not get a regular weekly or monthly income. The amount of the commission paid at closing is negotiated by the seller and the listing agent at the time of listing the home.

Is it legal for AA real estate brokerage to charge buyer and seller a processing fee?

Yes it is, but remember, just like the Commission rate it is negotiable. In my area the agents usually pay it to keep the seller happy if they are getting the listing. Just read your listing agreement of buyer's agency agreement carefully.

What is the purpose of a home seller's concession?

Seller-paid concessions, when used properly, can mean the difference between closing a home sale and losing one. A concession is anything of value added to the transaction by the seller, builder, developer, salesperson or any interested party. A concession may also include any closing costs that would normally be paid by the buyer or cash given to the buyer to lower non-housing debts. Funds received from a relative to assist with a home purchase, or cash contributed from an employer as part of a corporate transfer are not considered seller concessions.

What does a 5000 sellers concession mean?

The seller is offering to pay up to $5000.00 of your fees, usually closing costs. Be careful with this, as many lenders are aware that seller concessions are often used to increase the sales prices, and thus with a goal of increasing the dollar amount of the mortgage for which the buyer will qualify. They put strict limits in response to this practice on available loan programs which specify the highest seller concession that they will allow. So, if you sign a contract that says that the seller will give a $5000 seller concession and the bank will only allow a $2000 seller concession, you may end up not closing, or being drawn into doing a deal on the side for the remaining funds, which would constitute mortgage fraud. Also, just because a house price is $5000.00 higher due to seller concessions, doesn't mean it is going to appraise at the sales price. Loans are based on the lowest of either the sales price or the appraisal price and appraisals are becoming drastically more legitimate. One more thing to remember is that if you are using realtors in your transaction, you may want to also consider having your contract reflect that the realtors will be paid based on the sales price minus the amount of concession, instead of letting them make commission on an inflated sales price. If you do not make sure that you specify this in the beginning, you will be over-paying for the oversight. I believe a big reason that realtors encourage a "seller's concession" versus a lower sales price is so they can retain a higher commission. Further, any home that you cannot afford to get a mortgage on within the perameters of the loan program, is probably a home you should pass on because it is a strong signal to buy a home you can more easily afford. Just ask anyone who is currently in foreclosure if they wish they had done just that.

If I'm purchasing a house for 25000 how much do i pay my realtor?

Typically the commission is paid by the seller, which the buyer's agent & seller's agent split in half. If you are paying the agent a commission, he or she is getting paid twice. If I were you, I would look for another agent that will accept the commission that is being paid by the seller.

Does the buyer have to pay real estate commission to the broker?

Officially the seller pays the broker commission. However, ultimately it is paid by the buyer, since the commission is related to the selling price.

Who pays the agent when buying a house?

It is the seller that pays the commission to the agent from the buyers funds.

Can a real estate agent buy the property they have listed?

Yes, if certain conditions are fulfilled. IT is NOT an optimal situation for either party. In most US states the agent must have a signed disclosure that the seller is aware that the buyer (in this case the listing agent) is a licensed real estate agent and is not representing the seller's interests in the case of an agent purchasing on his own behalf. Most ethical agents regard this as a gray area, because the agents will have so much more information than a non-agent seller. Many agents will not do this type of transaction. If the seller closes and then concludes he did not get a fair price; chances are the seller will complain to the real estate commission. This will result in inquiries and a time consuming process. The best practices solution would be to cancel the listing agreement and have the seller get another agent to represent his interests.

Do real estate agents perform the same work as brokers?

Brookers represent the buyer while agents represent the seller. These are two different functions.

What is financing concession?

Usually it means that the seller has agreed to pay all or a portion of the buyer's closing costs. This is very common in new construction sales.

Can a real estate agent ask for a credit instead of a sales commission on property he is purchasing?

Yes, usually the seller does not care which. But most agents take the commission since a credit of $1000 results in only a $7 decrease in PITI per month. The extra money comes in handy for all those new home essentials in my experience.

Do you need a real estate license to show a house at the request of the seller?

Most likely, unless you're family of the seller or a closely trusted friend of the seller.Added: . . . . and you will not be able to collect a fee or commission for your doing so.

What is the work of a real estate broker?

The real estate broker runs the brokerage. He or she hires agents, fires agents, and runs the business. The following answer is not true, and it is not mine. His duty is to find the buyer and seller from the market and make a deal between them he is like a bridge between seller and buyer.