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Q: Is a steel fork a conductor or an insulator?
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Is steel a good conductor or insulator?

Steel is a conductor and not an insulator.

Is an plastic fork an insulator or conductor?

It is an insulator

Is steel a conductor insulator?

Steel is a conductor.

Is insulator a conductor?

Steel is a conductor.

Is steel a insulator or conductor?


Is steel conductor or insulator?


Is a fork a conductir or insulator?

If it is made of metal, it is a conductor. If it is wooden, it is an insulator.

Is steel spoon is conductor or insulator?

A steel spoon is an excellent conductor of heat.ANSWER: Conductor

Is a steel spring a insulator or a conductor?


Is a steel spring a conductor or a insulator?


Is an steel nail a insulator or conductor?

A conductor

Is a fork conductor or insulator of heat?

A conductor of heat if it is made of metal.