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I would believe so. What is a utility? According to it is - A useful article or device. - So if your telephone is a -useful article or device- I would conclude that it is a utility. Yes, as is gas , water and electricity. Although use of the telephone is considered part of your overall utility expense, in business telephone expenses are generally tracked separately from utilities on a profit and loss statement. Basically, you would set up an account in your general ledger for Telephone and another for Utilities (which would include gas, electricity and water). This enables management to keep a handle on an otherwise hefty expense.

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Q: Is a telephone bill considered a utility bill?
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Is a doctor bill a utility bill?

No a doctor bill would not be considered a utility bill.

Is a water bill considered a utility bill?

yes. Water companies are overseen by state utility regulators. They are utility companies. The water bill, therefore is a utility bill.

Is internet considered a utility bill?

it uses energy so its going to contribute to your electric bill

What meaning of utility bill?

utility bill

Why are telephone poles called telephone poles?

Utility Poles.

Is internet a utility bill?

No, an Internet bill is not classified as an utility bill. An Internet bill would be more for entertainment and not a must have thing.

What is the average utility bill in the United States?

The average utility bill is: $264.33 per month.

Average telephone bill?

The average telephone bill is 50$ a month.


No, utility is phone, electric, gas

How can you check your qtel telephone bill?

how can i check qtel telephone bill in internet

Is antivirus example of a utility software?

Yes, antivirus is considered a utility.

Average utility bill price for 3 bedroom house?

the average utility bill price for a 3 bedroom house is 200

What is the average weight of a telephone pole?

We were just told, by the City of Austin's utility pole contractor, that the weight of a utility pole (much like a telephone pole) is 700 pounds. Hope this information is of some help to the telephone weight query. - Austin, Texas USA

What do utility workers do?

Utility workers help to take care of utility services for the public. These services include public water services, telephone services and gas and electric services.

Is utility a debit or credit?

If you are referring to a utility bill, such as electric or water, that would be a liability.

Will paying a utility bill outside of a Chapter 13 plan be considered preferential....What code section should you refer to?

Utility bills would not be considered preferential, paying them is acceptable. If the debtor is concerned about any financial transactions they should consult the trustee that is handling the Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

What is the statute of limitations on a utility bill in Indiana?

According to the Indiana code, the utility company has 10 years to bring suit for non payment of a utility bill. In practice, most will file suit long before that.

Is Utility deposit considered cash?


Why is there an account number on a utility bill?

Because utility services are set up as a customer account.

What is the Average utility bill in a mansion?


What is the journal entry ana received and paid the utility bill for January 160?

[Debit] Utility bill 160 [Credit] Cash 160

Is the sewer bill a utility bill?

Believe it is generally billed along with the water.

Where can the bill be paid?


Telephone bill cost in 1960?

Average telephone bill in 1960's were 45.00. Higher if you called long distance

Can a utility company re- bill you?

No! If you already made payments on a bill they cannot re-bill you twice for the same bill.

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