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They are solitary animals.

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Are skunks solitary or social?


Are mountain lions social or solitary?

They are solitary.

Are wild boars social or solitary?


Is a blue whale solitary or social?


Does a Bengal tiger live in solitary?

yes Bengal tigers are solitary cats

Can a tiger eat an elephant?

yes if there is a bunch of them CORRECT ANSWER: A tiger will not hunt and eat elephants. Tigers are solitary and do not travel in groups. Adult tigers have no social characteristics among themselves in the wild.

Is the polar bear a social animal or a solitary animal?


Does a tiger hunt in packs?

No it does not it is a solitary animal.

Are otters solitary or social animals?

They are social.

Is a butterfly a solitary or social animal?

A butterfly is a solitary animal. Most insects are solitary except certain termites, ants, and bees, which are social animals.

Is the monarch butterfly a social or solitary creature?

I believe its a solitary creature

Is a giraffe a social animal or is it a solitary one?


Is the okapi social or solitary animal?

Its a Social Animal

What is the family structure of the tiger?

They are solitary predators generaly.

Is the Siberian tiger solitary or social?

They prefer to be alone, but will join together for mating. The young tigers will stay with their mother but as they age they will leave and go off alone.

Are cows solitary or social?

Cows are social, they stay in herds.

Is the zebra a social or solitary animal?

a zebra is a social animal

Is a orangutan a social animal or a solitary animals?

it is a social animal

Is a dolphin a social animal or a solitary animal?

a social animal

Is the giant panda social or solitary?

The giant panda is both social and solitary.

Does a tiger travel in a pride?

Tigers are solitary except for mating.

Is a camel a social animal or a solitary animal?

Camel's are usually solitary animals and not social animals. However, with proper training, a camel can become a social and friendly animal.

What is female governor called?

Governor. [There are no governors in tiger populations as they are solitary creatures-was originally in tiger category]

Is a zebra a social or solitary animal?

social, they hang out and roam in groups.

What does a tiger need for company?

Not much. Unlike lions, Tigers tend to be solitary hunters. They don't live in groups called PRIDES like lions do. In fact, most of the big cats are solitary - only the lion seems to have evolved in a more social way.

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