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Is a triangle a tessellation?


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Yes it is a tessellation.


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Yes, any triangle will tessellate.

The only shapes which will make a regular tessellation are:an equilateral trianglea squarea regular hexagon.

Yes. For example, any triangle, including a scalene triangle, will tessellate.

There is no such thing as a regular isosceles triangle. The only regular triangle is an equilateral triangle. Having said that, any triangle will produce regular tessellation.

polygon. It can be a triangle, square or hexagon. Any other tessellation requires irregular polygons (sides of unequal lengths) or more than one shape.

It depends. Strictly speaking, a semi-regular tessellation uses two (or more) regular polygons and, since neither an isosceles triangle nor a parallelogram is regular, it cannot be a semi-regular tessellation. However, a less strict definition allows non-regular components.

regular hexagon, square, equilateral triangle...apex

A square, rectangle, equilateral triangle are some examples.

Regular Hexagon, Square, and Equilateral Triangle. (Apex)

Every triangle will tessellate and, since there are infinitely many possible triangles, there are infinitely many shapes that can be used for tessellation. On the other hand, in any single tessellation you can only use a finite number of shapes.

Infinitely many. Every triangle can tessellate and each will result in a different tessellation. Since there are infinitely many possible triangles, there are infinitely many tessellations.

The only shapes which can be used for a regular tessellation are:An equilateral triangle,A squareA regular hexagon.There are also non-regular polygons as well as shapes which are not polygons which can tessellate

Yes. A regular tessellation can be created from either an equilateral triangle, a square, or a hexagon.

No. Hexagons and squares will each tessellate by themselves but one can not make a tessellation out of hexagons and squares combined. However, if you add in a third shape, the triangle, one can make a tessellation.

A regular triangle, quadrilateral (i.e., square) and hexagon may be used.

At least 3 sides such as a triangle which will tessellate leaving no gaps or overlaps

There are infinitely many. For example, every different triangle can tessellate. There are 15 types of pentagons which will tessellate.

Non-visible tessellation or non-existent tessellation, perhaps.

How to Make a Tessellation?

A regular tessellation or semi-regular tessellation or none.

Polygons whose vertices are factors of 360 degrees such as a square or an equilateral triangle ... etc

# # dirt Tessellation * Tessellation

As for example a regular equilateral triangle will tessellate leaving no gaps or overlaps

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