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Velocity is displacement divided by time.

Acceleration is velocity divided by time.

However both graphs are related! If you graph the AREA under the slope of the acceleration graph vs. time, this will be a velocity graph. If you graph the SLOPE of the velocity graph vs. time, this will be an acceleration graph.

When you learn calculus (unless you already know it) you will learn how you can switch between the two.

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What is speed velocity and acceleration?

Speed and velocity same thing and acceleration is how fast it can get to a speed. More acceleration will get faster quicker

Does velocity equal acceleration?

No. If they were the same thing, there would be no need to invent two different names for it. Acceleration is the rate at which velocity changes.

Is velocity the same as acceleration?

Both are vectors. But acceleration and velocity have different dimensions. Acceleration is defined as the rate of change of velocity.

How is velocity and acceleration the same?

They are not the same. Velocity is the displacement (change in location) over time and acceleration is the change in velocity over time.

Is it possible for a body to have the same acceleration and velocity?

The velocity and acceleration can have the same numeric value, but the units will be different. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No it is not possible. Because so long there is acceleration then the velocity has to change either in magnitude or in direction or in both. So it is not at all possible for acceleration and velocity to be the same simultaneously.

Are speed and acceleration the same?

No. Speed is the magnitude of velocity and acceleration is the change of velocity in time.

If two automobiles have the same acceleration do they have the same velocity?

No. V=v0 +at is the formula for velocity, the acceleration 'a' can be the same but the initial velocity v0 may be different. If v0 is the same for the two automobiles , the velocity would be the same.

What has a velocity and acceleration vector in the same direction?

Any falling object has acceleration and velocity vectors in the same direction.

What can be determined from a velocity time graph?

The simplest answer is the velocity of an object at a given time. It is also possible to determine the acceleration and displacement - but only in the same direction as the velocity. No information on motion in a transverse direction can be determined.

What happens to the velocity if the acceleration is zero?

The velocity stays the same, it is constant

Are velocity acceleration and momentum the same?

Absolutely not.Velocity is speed in a particular direction.Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity. NB that is velocity; if an obect's speed remains the same, but it's direction changes, that is a change in velocity which means there was an acceleration.Momentum is velocity multiplied by mass.

What can be said about the speed if Acceleration and velocity are in same direction?

If the velocity and acceleration are in the same direction and the acceleration is a positive value greater than zero then the speed is increasing.

Are velocity and acceleration the same?

They are definitely NOT the same. Acceleration is not velocity; acceleration is the RATE OF CHANGE of velocity. In symbols: a = dv/dt, which basically means that you divide the difference of velocity by the time, for a small time interval. Acceleration and velocity are both vectors.

When the acceleration of an object is zero what is the velocity at the same time?

As long as acceleration is zero, the object's velocity is constant.

What is called negative accelarration?

Deceleration. Negative acceleration = Velocity is decreasing by time. Positive acceleration = Velocity is increasing by time. Zero acceleration = Velocity is the same by time.

Is acceleration always in the same direction as the unbalanced force?

Yes. Acceleration is always in the same direction as the unbalanced force.Note: This does not mean that velocity is necessarily in that direction. Velocity and acceleration are two different things. The integral of acceleration does become velocity, and the integral of velocity does become position, but that has nothing to do with the answer to the question.

How is average velocity different from acceleration?

For a start, acceleration doesn't even have the same units as velocity: acceleration is a velocity divided by time, so while speed or velocity have units of [distance]/[time], acceleration has units of [distance]/[time squared]

Can Bodies With Different Velocities Have The Same Acceleration?

Yes, velocity is acceleration x time. If acceleration is the same, velocity can be different as it changes with time. For example a car accelerating with constant acceleration will have a different velocity after 5 seconds than it will have at 2 seconds.

Is it possible to have an acceleration with constant velocity?

No, the definition of acceleration is the increase change in velocity over time. An acceleration can also be a decrease in velocity over time. Constant velocity refers to an object that maintains the same velocity as time progresses. If the object has an acceleration, its velocity will not remain constant. In the case of rotational velocity there is a constant internal acceleration that has the magnitude v2/r

When angular velocity decreases the direction of angular acceleration is opposite to angular velocity .why?

Take the velocity to be in positive direction. Positive acceleration increases velocity and they are in the same direction. Negative acceleration reduce velocity and they are in opposite direction. It does not matter if the motion in linear or anfular.

Can an object have zero acceleration and nonzero velocity at the same time?

Yes. An object moving at constant velocity would have zero acceleration.

Are the direction of the velocity and acceleration of a falling body the same?

For the most part, yes; once at terminal velocity, there is no acceleration, so it has direction.

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