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Normally not.

Matter a fact, a video tape may even help the defense more.

Video normally only captures part or parts of the crime, and what it does capture can be interrupted differently by different people, or even innocently explained by the subject.

For example,

a video shows you walking up to a wallet display and then putting a wallet in you pocket.

but it doesn't show you leaving the store with out paying for it, or even how you bought a new wallet there earlier that day, came back to look at other wallets and when doing so you left the "wallet you paid for" on the display by accident, and then was wrongfully arrested.

It's best for stores never to mention they have anything on tape to the person being arrest, or even to the police. The video tape should only be used in court as the last part of evidence, if even needed.

When a security person says "I have you on tape", it normally means their new to their job, and gives your attorney the right to ask for a copy of the tape "before" going to court.

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Can circumstantial evidence alone be used to convict a person?

Yes, but there has to be allot of it and it has to be compelling to convict someone purely on circumstantial evidence. But it can and has been done.

What if someone was falsely accussed of aggravated assault by someone who had it out for them?

Evidence would be necessary to convict that person of the crime.

What evidence do you need to convict someone of using a mobile phone while driving?

A Picture Of Him...

What is your basic evidence needed to convict someone of a crime?

Motive being at the scene at the time the crime was commited no alibi evidence

What elements must be shown by prosecuter to convict someone?

To prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed a criminal act with a criminal intent.

What evidence is needed to convict someone for burglary of habitation?

Sufficient probable cause and evidence to place the defendant inside the location which was burglarized.

What are the charges someone receive as punishment for shoplifting?

Charges that one can receive as punishment for shoplifting range from a misdemeanor or infraction to a more serious charge of a felony. The charges are determined by the state criminal law, and also by what is stolen.

How many witnesses are necessary to convict someone of treason?

According to the United States Constitution two witness are needed to convict someone of treason. In some cases people are convicted of treason by evidence only.

How can you keep your eye out when someone shoplifting?

If you are keeping an eye out while someone is shoplifting you will be charged as an accomplice to the crime. It's not worth it.

Can you convict someone of murder without a body?

It is possible, but an enormous amount of evidence is needed to convict without the body. Lots have been convicted without the dead body, but it doesn't always happen.

If there is no evidence can someone still be charged just because they were there and they have a criminal record?

If, at the time of arrest, there was sufficient "probable cause" to believe that you committed the crime - and if the information was presented to a judge or grand jury and they handed down an indictment based on it - yes, you can be charged. It will be up to the prosecution to prove at trial that there IS sufficient evidence to convict you of the crime.

Is a video tape evidence by and of it self enough to convict someone of saling drugs?

Only the jury can determine that for certain. It is very unlikely, however, that a video is the only existing evidence.

Can DNA on a cigarette at the scene of a robberey and a persons passed record be enough to convict a person?

No, it's not enough evidence to convict someone. You know that they were there, and you can definitely consider them a suspect, but you can't make a definite conviction.

Evidence needed to convict of Aggravated Robbery in Texas?

Anything that can legally be admitted that would convince a juror that someone has committed a crime.

Is a person who steals from a shop or a store when pretending shop for good?

If someone does that there a shoplifter who is shoplifting. Shoplifting is illegal,

What is your basic evidence needed to convict someone of sexual assualt?

The BASIC evidence needed is the testimony of the victim. After that supporting evidence may amount to witnesses statements, DNA evidence, items left at or collected from the scene of the offense, etc, etc.

If someone is trying to place you at a murder scene with no evidence is that all the jury needs to convict you?

with no evidence against you any half-way decent lawyer would probably get you proven not guilty.

What is civil testimonial evidence?

Testimonial Evidence is, a recounting of events/criminal activity witnessed by someone at or near the scene of the crime. Police Reorts can be used as 'Testimonial Evidence'.

How can someone turn states evidence in a criminal case?

The person provides evidence to the prosecuting attorney in exchange for a reduced sentence, or to avoid prosecution.

Are sworn statements good enough to convict someone of murder even if there isn't any evidence?

depends on how strong the statements impact is. But usually no

Is word of mouth enough enough evidence to convict someone in a drug conspiracy?

YesAnother View: No, not directly. "Word of mouth" may be enough to bring drug trafficking to the attention of law enforcement, or lead their investigtion in the right direction, but the evidence that is collected and used to convict the defendant(s) must be collected in accordance with the law and the rules of evidence.

What is the fine for shoplifting?

That will depend on where you are, in terms of what the laws are in your area, and things like how much was stolen and if someone has a previous record of shoplifting.

What happens to someone if they are with someone shoplifting?

It's called "Guilt by Association". You both get charged!

What evidence must be presented in order to convict someone of treason?

There must be testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act in order to convict a person of treason. See Article III, Section 3, Clause 1 of the US Constitution.

What is your basic evidence needed to convict someone?

Evidence/proof beyond a 'reasonable' doubt that the person charged actually committed the offense. Notice that the burden is not beyond ALL doubt, only beyond REASONABLE doubt.