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Is a video tape evidence by and of it self enough to convict someone of shoplifting beyond a doubt by the criminal code?

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2007-11-12 07:30:20

Normally not.

Matter a fact, a video tape may even help the defense more.

Video normally only captures part or parts of the crime, and

what it does capture can be interrupted differently by different

people, or even innocently explained by the subject.

For example,

a video shows you walking up to a wallet display and then

putting a wallet in you pocket.

but it doesn't show you leaving the store with out paying for

it, or even how you bought a new wallet there earlier that day,

came back to look at other wallets and when doing so you left the

"wallet you paid for" on the display by accident, and then was

wrongfully arrested.

It's best for stores never to mention they have anything on tape

to the person being arrest, or even to the police. The video tape

should only be used in court as the last part of evidence, if even


When a security person says "I have you on tape", it normally

means their new to their job, and gives your attorney the right to

ask for a copy of the tape "before" going to court.

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