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The violin and the viola are very similar in playing. The only difference is that the violin has a high E string and are easier to hear while the viola has a low C string and are lower in sound than the violin. It also depends on preferences; which instrument that you prefer better. If you are going to be switching from a violin to a viola, or vise versa, the playing is pretty much the same, other than getting used to either the low C string or the high E string. The other difference is that violins and violas have different notes and fingerings, as well as being in different 'Clefs'.

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Which is easier to learn the violin or violA?

The violin and the viola are equally difficult. However, there are more violin teachers than viola.

What is bigger a viola cello or violin?

Well I play the violin, viola, cello and I know that cello is definitely bigger!

Did bach play the viola?

Yes he did. He played the viola, violin, organ and the harpischord.

What is better viola or violin?

Whatever you feel is right... the violin has only a little bit of higher notes than a viola soo but if you wanna ask me there are enough violinists in the world... be different!! Viola. It's rich tone cant be compared to a violin. You can play an E-A on the E string on the viola< but the violin can play lower than a G string. Viola

Is a violin more high piched than a viola?

Yes, the violin has a higher pitch than a viola. Even though the violin and viola are similar in size, the violin has an E string while the viola has a C string. (I should know as I used to play the violin but switched to stand up bass)

What string instrument play soprano?

Violin and viola

What is the difference between a viola and a viola d'amore?

The viola is lower pitch then violin. The viola is 4inches more then the violin. viola= 25 violin=21

Why does a violin play a higher pitch than a guitar or viola?

The strings are shorter on a violin.

Is a viola higher or lower than a violin?

I play the viola, and it is lower than the violin. It has four strings like a violin, but on the violin, the strings are G, D, A, and E. On the viola, the strings are C, G, D, and A. So the viola can do four notes lower than the violin. I prefer the tone on the viola to the violin. It is also a bigger instrument than a violin, even though it is held the same way. If you are wondering whether to switch from the violin to the viola, you definitely should, in my opinion. It was one of the best things I did musically! The viola is better :)

What is the viola family?

The "Viola Family" is the history of the viola and violin ,alias, the "violin family."

Viola vs violin?

Viola = TrashViolin = Instrument

What instrument did Dvorak play?

He played the organ, viola, violin..

Do you sit to play a violin or a viola?

You can either sit or stand.

Did Beethoven play the Viola?

Yes, a lot of composers preferred to play viola, including Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and others.

How many people play the viola?

There is a ratio of 1 viola player to every 40 violin players.

How are viola's played?

I play the viola. The viola is played just like the violin with the instrument resting on your shoulder.

What instrument can play the highest a double bass or a viola?

The Viola can play higher. Pitches of String Instruments from highest to lowest are: Violin Viola Cello Double Bass

Which is smaller a violin or a viola?

Viola is bigger by 2 to 3 inches. The size of a viola varies(unlike the violin) but it is always bigger then a violin.

How do you play the viola?

I agree. The viola is very fun to play, almost exactly like the violin. The only difference is that one is high, the other is low. I will tell you to try it, if you have any background with the violin, the viola will be VERY easy! I hope your viola practice succeeds :) - Sha`neequa Micheele

What is the difference between the violin and the viola?

The viola is bigger and lower than the violin, but not by much

What are bows used for?

to play on a violin, viola, cello, bass...etc.

Did thomas Jefferson play the violin when he was a kid?

kind of. he played the viola.

Which insturument does Justin bieber not play?

Violin, viola, chelo, trombone

Which is smaller a violin or viola?


How is the violin different from the viola?

A Viola is larger than a violin and plays lower notes