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Yes, it doesn't matter how the sperm get inside the vagina. If it's in it can get you pregnant.

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Q: Is a virgin women can pregnant with wet sperm finger?
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What does if dry sperm enter in a virgin women through finger?

Dry sperm is dead sperm so nothing happens.

What kind of sperm can make women pregnant?

Any sperm can get a women pregnant.

Can women drink sperm and get pregnant?

Absolutely not. Women can only become pregnant when sperm enters the vagina.

Can a women get pregnant if the male doesnt supply sperm?

No, to be pregnant a sperm has to be fused with female ovum.

Can a girl get pregnant if sperm is touched in boy finger and after half and hour if he uses the same finger to insert his penis onto the vagina?

In order for a girl to get pregnant there must be sperm involved.

Can a women become pregnant if a men takes out his sperm on her ass?

IF you didnt have vaginal intercourse then you are safe - the sperm has to go into the vagina to get pregnant. Also, If Christian doctrine is true and the Virgin Mary was indeed a virgin, then the only way that she could have given birth to our saviour with her hymen intact is if Jesus christ was both conceived through - and born from - the ass. Hallelujah!

Can a guy get pregnant if he eats his own sperm?

Men can't get pregnant, so no. Also, women can't get pregnant from eating sperm either.

Can pregnant women drink sperm?

Why not? If they really want to.

Can a women get pregnant on its own?

no, only with sperm from a man

When will a girl become pregnant?

Women become pregnant when a sperm fertilizes one of her eggs.

When swallow a sperm the women getting pregnant?

It is impossible to become pregnant by swallowing semen.

Can A condum get you pregnant?

no but sperm can exit through it and if fertalized in the women you can.