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Under some definitions, yes. It is a programmed machine that automatically performs a function.

However, it has limited capacity for inputting information about itself and its task, and is unable in most cases to determine if its task has been completed (unlike other advanced industrial robots).

(See the definition in the link below.)

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Q: Is a washing machine a robot?
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Is washing machine a common noun?

Yes, washing machine is a common noun, a word for any washing machine; a singular, concrete, compound noun, a word for a thing. A proper noun is the name of a person, place, or thing. Washing machines seldom have names. However, the name of the company who makes the washing machine is a proper noun; for example a Kenmore washing machine, a Hotpoint washing machine, a GE washing machine, etc.

How is robot and a machine alike?

a robot is a machine, they just make these things around it to look like a robot.

What is a washing machines voltage and power?

The voltage of a washing machine in the U.S. is 220V. The power varies from washing machine to washing machine depending on what model it is.

Is washing machine a verb?

Washing machine is a noun.

What size is your washing machine?

My washing machine is a large machine.

How much power does a washing machine use?

The average washing machine uses approximately 400 watts of electricity. The exact power usage of a washing machine is dependent upon the size of the washing machine.

How to draw State machine model for washing machine?

How to draw State machine model for washing machine

What is the use of a Comet washing machine?

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more than one simple machine is contained in a Washing machine(complex machine)

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yes a washing machine is a separator

What is washing machien?

a washing machine is a machine which cleans clothes

When was the washing machine invenetd?

1846 was when the washing machine was invented

Which is best LG washing machine?

The best washing machine is LG WM3900H

Is a washing maching a robot?


What are the views on Indesit washing machines?

The Indesit washing machine has become know as the exploding washing machine. First reports of the exploding washing machine originated in Suffolk, England.

Is an answering machine a machine or a robot?

An answering machine is simply a machine. A robot is also a machine, but it is capable of many complicated, self directed activities that are programmed into it.

What are pros and cons of repairing a washing machine?

I repaired a washing machine.. It was very satisfing.

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The first washing machine was invented in the year 1851. It was the drum washing machine and it was invented by James King.

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No he did not invent the washing machine because the washing machine was actually invented 26 years before he was born!

What is the hp rate of a washing machine motor?

the hp of the washing machine is from 1/4 to 3/4 hp it depends from machine to machine.

What is better top loader washing machine or front loader washing machine?

a top loader washing machine lasts longer. a front loader washing washes cleaner.

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