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With first acknowleging this is a very complex issue...and another answer is possible under many the divorce agreement, etc., YES EVERYONE REMAINS RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR TAXES, AND FILING JOINTLY MEANS YOUR SPOUSES TOO, UP UNTIL YOU ARE DIVORCED.

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Q: Is a wife responsible for back taxes in a new marriage?
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Is a wife responsible for any debt of her husbands prior to marriage?


Is a wife responsible for unpaid taxes of her deceased husband in Illinois?

most of the time

Is the wife responsible on husband debt if incurred before marriage in mo?

No you are responsible for his debt prior to marriage. Keep in mind that each come to the marriage with their own personal credit history. You are only responsible for joint accounts. Credit obtained in both names.

Is wife responsible for judgment against husband made prior to marriage?

In this case, a wife is not responsible for a judgment made against the husband prior to the marriage. She may want to help clear up this date in case there are joint credit situations.

Is a wife responsible for debt made by her husband before marriage in the state of Florida?

No. A spouse is not responsible for their spouse's debts that were incurred prior to marriage. The only debt that can be shared post-marriage that was incurred pre-marriage would be debt on an account that you became a joint account holder on after marriage.

If married man fathered a child outside of marriage can him and his wife be held responsible for child support?

The man, yes - he's the father! - his wife, no.

My ex wife owe over $20,000.00 in back taxes. Years owed 95,98,99, and 2000.I recently filed this missing years and now have a fairly accurate assessment of what we owe. Unable to pay without filing Chapter 7 or 13.Income is stretched to the limit. ?

If she is your ex-wife, you probably aren't liable for her back taxes. Usually, your legal separation agreement will stipulate that you are each responsible for your own taxes. If so, I would think you're off the hook for this.

Husband dies leaves unpaid income taxes filing jointly is wife responsible if there is no estate in Indiana?

Joint filers are both responsible for the entire tax bill. If the unpaid taxes are from a year that the couple filed jointly, the wife is fully responsible for any unpaid taxes unless she can meet the qualifications for innocent spouse relief. After the filing deadline, a joint return cannot be amended to separate returns. If there are unpaid taxes from 2008, the wife can still file a separate return for 2008. If a joint return has been filed for 2008, they have until April 15, 2009 to amend.

How do you get your wife back after being separated?

The answer depends on why the wife left and if there is love still present. Marriage counseling is a good start.

Your marriage is over and it was his fault so who keeps the ring?

The wife keeps the ring when the marriage is over. If it was a family heirloom then the wife has the right to either give it back to her ex husband or keep it.

Can a marriage be saved when your wife admits to having an affair?

yes if you both want it to. You both have to forgive and forget in order to take back your marriage

If a husband is the primary on a loan and the wife is co-signer and they divorce who is responsible for a repossession?

Both, and the judge or attorneys on both sides will come to a conclusion on who pays what. Both are responsible though. If the wife was a home maker the entire marriage you might be in trouble.

Is a Husband responsible for medical bills of his deceased wife in KY?

Unfortunately, yes. If you were married when these bills occurred then yes you are responsible. It is like property of a married couple- anything that is acquired during a marriage belongs to both of you. So if these bills were acquired during your marriage then yes you are responsible. If your wife were still alive you would be held liable if you were still married. So just because she is deceased does not change this, Sorry.

I left my wife for the love of my life but I went back to my marriage because I couldn't take being away from my son did i do the right thing me and my wife dont fight I'm just not in love with her?

Its a good thing you and your wife are not fighting therefore it should be easy to see your son. You dont have to go back to your marriage as you are no longer in love with your wife. Your can be with the love of your life and still see your son.

Which goddess is the wife of zeus and protector of marriage?

The wife of Zeus is Hera she is also the protector of marriage.

Which goddess was the wife of Zeus and protector of marriage?

Hera is not only the protector of marriage, she was also the goddess of fertility, childbirth, marriage, and was the queen and wife of Zeus.

If a man and woman are married but separated and the husband hasn't paid taxes for 3 years will the wife be responsible for owed taxes?

You need to file a Injured spouse form. This would be done by the party who belives they are not liable.

Does a wife of deceased spouse has to pay back property taxes on land purchased with an association assessed prior to marriage?

No, but if she wants to keep the property she might want to. Any thing that belongs to the person prior the marriage is theirs including debts, so she doesn't owe for that property unless she had title to it now. That's where they may get her.

Do rich people get money back on tax returnes?

Yes, depending on how much they paid in taxes. IE Obama is getting back about 25K this year...he and his wife maid about 800K. They paid a great portion in taxes and therefore they are owed money back.

Is the second marriage illegal if the wife truly dead?

If the second marriage was performed after the first wife died then the marriage is legal. However, if the marriage happened while the first wife was still alive (and still married to the person (ie not divorced)) then the second marriage is illegal even if the first wife is now dead.

Do you believe trophy spouses in Britih columbia should receive support if they divorce?

Of course. "Trophy wife" is not a legal term and the husband of a "trophy wife" certainly received many benefits of marriage (and then some) pursuant to his marriage to her.Of course. "Trophy wife" is not a legal term and the husband of a "trophy wife" certainly received many benefits of marriage (and then some) pursuant to his marriage to her.Of course. "Trophy wife" is not a legal term and the husband of a "trophy wife" certainly received many benefits of marriage (and then some) pursuant to his marriage to her.Of course. "Trophy wife" is not a legal term and the husband of a "trophy wife" certainly received many benefits of marriage (and then some) pursuant to his marriage to her.

Who is the goddess of marriage and is she is the wife of Zeus?

Hera is the goddess of marriage. She is the wife of Zeus. Their children include Hephaestus and Ares.

Who is the goddess of marriage wife of Zeus?

Hera is Zeus's wife (as well as one of his sisters). She is the goddess of women and marriage.

If my wife works for me, will I still be tax free as far as payroll taxes or federal/state taxes are concerned?

Yes, if your wife works for you there will be no taxes or payroll or federal taxes or state withholding that you will have to worry about as a small business.

Do you have to give wedding gifts back to your guests if you get divorced with in your 1st year of marriage?

No, you do not have to give wedding gifts back to guests when divorcing within the first year of marriage. The gifts would be part of the contents divided by the husband and wife.