Is a worm a vertebrate?

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I want to know iff a worm is a vertebrate?
No, it isn't.
No. Vertebrate means having a backbone. Worms do not have bones, therefore, they are invertebrates.

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Vertebrates have a backbone. Worms have no bones.

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Is an earth worm a vertebrate?

An earth worm is not a vertebrate. It is an invertebrate because it is an animal that does not have a vertebrate spinal column.

What category is a worm - vertebrate of invertebrate?

A worm is an invertebrate.

Is worm a vertebrate or an invertebrate?

A worm is an invertebrate as it doesn't have a spine.

Is a worm an invertebrate or vertebrate?


Is a tube worm a vertebrate?

it depends... if you want it to be or not ?

What is the difference between an invertebrate and vertebrate organism?

the difference between them is that vertebrate has a backbone and an invertebrate does not for example,worm is invertebrate and a dog is a vertebrate.

Which of these has an exoskeleton arthropod worm vertebrate cnidarian?

An arthropod

What of these organisms is a vertebrate a worm grass chimpanzee or bacterium?

Chimpenzee .

Which of these has an exoskeleton arthropod worm cnidarian vertebrate?

An arthropod has an exoskeleton.

Is earthworm vertebrate or invertebrate?

Invertebrate, as a worm does not have a spine (backbone).

What organism is a vertebrate of these choices worm grass chimpanzee bacterium?


Which of these organisms is a vertebrate A. Bacterium B. Worm C. Grass D. Chimpanzee?

Anything with a spine is a vertebrate dog

Is a worm classified as an invertebrate?

A worm would be classified as an invertebrate. This is because 'vertebrate' means spine (basically.) A worm does not contain a spine, so there for would be an invertebrate.

Is a Tubeworm a fish?

No, a tube worm is an invertebrate, whereas a true fish is a vertebrate.

Is liver fluke a vertebrate or invertebrates?

Liver fluke is flat worm and invertebrate .

What is a vertebrate and how does it differ from an invertebrate?

An invertebrate can be anything from a worm to a jellyfish(no bones or skeletor structure)

Is a worm a vertebrate or invertebrate?

Worms have no internal skeletons or backbones so they are invertebrates.

Is a segmented worm a vertebrate?

The most defining characteristic of a vertebrate is a vertebrae (also known as a backbone) composed of cartilage or bone. Worms are classified as invertebrates due to a lack of vertebrae.

Is a leach a vertebrate or invertebrate?

The leech (phylum Annelida, of the subclass Hirudinea) is a blood-sucking segmented worm. It is an invertebrate as it does not have a spine.

Is a wasp a invertebrate?

No, and invertebrate is a creature that has no spine, such as a slug or a worm. A vertebrate is the opposite, such as a human, dog, cat, etc. A wasp, being an insect, has a ectoskeleton, a skeleton outside of the skin, like an ant. They are neighter vertebrate nor invertebrate. :)

What is a Iteverte braces?

it is actually called an invertebrate, and invertebrate is an animal without a back bone e.g. a worm, and a vertebrate has a back bone e.g. humans

Is a horse a vertebrate or an invertebrate?

vertebrate A vertebrate.Vertebrate

Is a peacock vertebrate or invertebrate?

It is a vertebrate. It has a spine.

Is a sparrow an invertebrate or is it an vertebrate?

it is an vertebrate

What are donkeys vertebrate or invertebrate?

VertebrateA Donkey is a vertebrate.