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Q: Is a worm an subterranean or an subaquatic?
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Is an earthworm a subterranean animal or a subaquatic animal and why?

Subterranean, because it lives in the earth, not in the water.

Is an earthworm a subterranean animal or a subaquatic animal?

It's a subterranean animal because obviously they cant live in the water and they mostly live in the dirt/soil.

Can you make a sentence using the word subaquatic?

Yes, a sentence can be made using the word "subaquatic". An example in a sentence of the word in the sentence "a marginal subaquatic flora".

What is a sentence for subterranean?

Subterranean means underground or hidden. The subterranean cave was filled with water.

Is a earthworm a subterranean or sub aquatic animal?


Is an earthworm a subterranean or a sub aquatic animal?


Does subterranean or submarine describe a underground passageway?

Subterranean does.

When was Subterranean - EP - created?

Subterranean - EP - was created in 1994.

When was Subterranean Records created?

Subterranean Records was created in 1979.

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Subterranean Masquerade was created in 1997.

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