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Q: Is a yellow mongoose prey or predator?
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Is a king cobra a predator or prey?

Prey: Other snakes and rodents Predators: Vultures, eagles, humans, and the mongoose

Is a yellow belly sea snake a predator or a prey?

both preditor and prey

Which animals are the predator of mongoose?

Leopards are the main predator of the Indian Mongoose

What is the anacondas predator?

Yellow anacondas are prey to caimans and jaguars.

What interactions does a mongoose have with another animal?

Mongooses hold a predator-prey relationship with snakes such as the rattlesnake. They known for their fearlessness when attacking snakes.

Is a spitting cobra prey or a predator?

Generally a Cobra is a predator. However, they are preyed on by rare specialist predators like Mongoose and Alpha predators like Honey Badgers.

Are yellow mongoose endangered?

Yes, the yellow mongoose is endangered.

When was Yellow mongoose created?

Yellow mongoose was created in 1829.

What is a mongoose prey?

A mongoose has many prey's such as road runners, bunnies, and more. There is a particular animal or should I say reptile that is a mongoose prey that is a strong snake... a king cobra.

What are predator prey relationship?

Example: Lion = Predator Gazelle = Prey The predator seeks after the prey.

What is the main predator of a mongoose?


How are the terms predator and prey related?

A prey is what a predator hunts down to kill and eat. A prey's predator is what eats it. For example: A gazelle is the prey of a leopard (predator).